Converting Songs to mp3

iTunes works. You have iTunes, right?

use windows media player if you have it.

do you have windows?

did you download the notessimo converter?

Create a folder especially for notessimo songs you downloaded. Then it should show up in windows media player. Then you synchronize the song you want for you mp3 player.

yes 8-)

i cant use my mp3 player lost it to small

changed my name because got new acount kieranthebest

I don’t really know if anyone still needs this information, but for mp3 conversions from .wav files, audacity would be my first choice. Just make sure you download the converter it uses.

i got itunes how do i convertwav to mp3 with it know hot to convert to aii i think

In iTunes, go to Edit, then click Preferences. Then go to the Advanced tab, where it says Import using:, change it to MP3 Encoder.

Hope this helps

i thought thath itunes was useles untill i douwnloaded it

I have looked all over the forums and have found evidence that a file converter exists but have yet to find any information on it’s location. I have looked at the FAQs but nothing is mentioned. I am new to notessimo and would enjoy any help.

If you open up the compose window, over near the lower right hand corner is a link to download the converter…
once downloaded, open it up and type the id number of the song you woul dlike to download.

When I have actually opened up a new song, or the page where I do so? Either way I am not seeing it.

if you want, I can take a screen shot… (hlisten)

Please, it will make this process go a whole lot faster.

hold on, it might be a few minutes…unless someone else can do it for me…

Nvm…I think I was mistaken because I forgot that there is not a converter and
the whole sidebar when you open a new window…

Once Starburst finishes updating it, people will be able to download converter then… sorry

if somebaody happens to have an old screen shot of the normal compase part can you
post it and show what I meant?

that sucks…