Converting Songs to mp3

I know…
…sorry I thought I would be able to help
I will pvt message Starburst to see if he has a link to it or something…
would that work for you?

You mean the screenshot? Don’t bother, it’s ok. I was just wondering if there was a way to convert notessimo into actual music files. Thanks anyway!

1.) There IS a converter to download notessimo songs to your scomputer…
2.) I meant I was going to message Starburst for a link to download the converter…
3.) I am sorry if I was being unclear
EDIT: 4.) The CURSE OF SP!!!

Here is a download link to an exe version of the converter:


If you have any questions like this, pm a mod. If they don’t know, pm another. Try not to create a thread if you don’t have to, especially when there is already a thread on the topic here.

Took someone a while to respond…so I assumed nobody else knew…

Sorry bout that

I followed your link…
Didn’t work.

Sorry, I’ve never actually tested that (it was REA’s). I guess you’ll just have to wait.

Can’t you put it on Savefile or another file-sharing website?

I am wondering if you could possibly convert an mp3 into a wav so as edit it with the Composer program. Please reply?

That isn’t possible.

Yeah it is.

For a second, I thought the picture was real.

ya (rock) lol

Wait sorry for bump, can someone tell me how to convert to .mp3 using iTunes?

EDIT: Wait got it! Sorry.
EDIT: Converter won’t load.

Sorry for double post, but how do you change mpeg to mp3 in iTunes?

EDIT: Nevermind.

I’d just use audacity for that, If its really hard to do on iTunes.

Oops, I’ve already started burning a CD.

Oh yeah, I remember iTunes doing that to me XD

Well I found a list of .am files if you’re interested.