Converting Songs to mp3

are you bribing me? and yes I am interested…

Oh good idea! But I’m not that cruel. It’s probably a useless list anyway. I know the first four letters are the year but you can probably figure out the rest.

Well is it really easy to use, free, and quick?

I know that the codec pack is free, so 'm assuming this is free. And for you Muse, anything on the computer is not considered easy to use.

Except logging off, which I recently mastered.

Even .am to .mp3 (which is what we need)?

No, .am is not considered a media file.

Wikipedia said it was a song file though.

ummm no offense but i dont see any comments that tells “How” or “What” do we do, to convert notessimo music into a file :l

The easiest way in my opinion is to go here and use that program to record and convert your song. Then you can get Audacity to edit it if you want, or if there are gaps in the song patch it up.

Check the first post. As in on The first page of this thread.

That’s no help…

Even if it doesn’t make sense for the non technologically gifted, it says HOW. He said there was no posts saying how

(edit:uhm an accident )

Just follow this:

ok one thing, I did go to the website you posted, but I’m not sure if I didn’t get the information right like. Is the download of that site going to effect on certain things or what does it need, or is there anything that’s going to make a change? uhm 12 years old here <.> sorry Its just that I don’t wanna screw up my computer 0.o

Well basically it’s going download a recording program, which will put a toolbar on your internet browser. It’s not going to do anything else (except it might record the videos you watch), and when you’re finished using it you can always hide the toolbar or just uninstall the program completely. I think it’s safe to use.

thank you ! =D I’ll try it out soon

thank you guitarskills I tested your programs that you posted and they actually work, maybe starburst should put this on official download converter? And maybe if we could try harder we could also try to put the program onto his site

Well If I were a mod I’d probably write it as an announcement because a lot of people have been asking about it. coughcough*