Everyone I have a confession to make... I AM FLAMING DUCKY

loljk but post what your reaction would have been anyway.

“The fuck?”

I would have thought your the guy that got permabanned that set Kd’s duck on fire. Very believable, too.

Yeah, that.

Ok, now that I found out Flaming ducky IS the Guy who got banned, I would say “I knew it!”

Wow, somebody was bored.

It’s a badass vesion of Kd.

Is it possible for Kd to be bad-A?

Actually, I think its just faster. Everyone knows that flames make things go faster.

Really? I’ll keep that in mind the next time I get a flamethrower in halo.

Hahaha. That’s good. However, the flame thrower shoots flames forward, causing you to go backward faster.

Actually, Flaming Ducky is the old user, RockBand, AKA…


A looong time ago, RockBand (currently Splipknot96) and I were messaging each other, and he asked me to make a collab. with him and JMan1293. I told him no, because I didn’t want people to know I was working with someone (or something like that). He had a solution. He created a new account for me. That new account was…


I looked it up (in my inbox) because I knew the Flaming Ducky user, but I forgot his name. After searching through my inbox for a while, I found the message that proves Slipknot96 is Flaming Ducky. Here is the screenshot to prove it.


PS. It only says Slipknot96 because that is his current name. And we didn’t just make that message to cause a hoax, because the dates are from 2009, loooooooonnnnng before Flaming Ducky was banned, or even known about.

shits bricks

throws up…

ninjas? I have no idea WTF they are.

Now, the only thing to do is see how many people reply to this thread now…

That made no sense what-so-ever, but it made me laugh, so that’s ok. XD

Yeah, now I know who the little bastard is who burned my duck.

Yeah. Let’s get 'em…

I hereby order the public execution of Slipknot96. Any objections?

I second that. And so does the duck.


Like Hell? When did I send that message? And why the hell are you going around taking Screenshots of Messages?

And have you ever thought that maybe, My BROTHER uses my account sometimes? Hmmm…?