Favorite Bands?

So what’s everyone’s favorite bands here?
Mine are: Iron Maiden, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Aerosmith and Hoobastank lmao

Few more to add to my list: Boston, Rush, Bang Camaro, Heart and Freezepop.

Mine are The Ting Tings, ELO, Fiona Apple, Fall Out Boy, The Beach Boys, and the Beatles.

GO GREEN DAY and 3 days grace 8-) i know how to drums for some of thier songs to :D

I Forgot to add Dragonforce! How could I forget! 8-)

Billy Talent, Rise Against, Matchbook Romance, The Strokes, and Daft Punk.

For rock my faves are Radiohead, System of a Down, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden. For jazz its Charles Mingus (Mingus Big Band), Thelonious Monk, Hank Mobley, and Gerry Mulligan.

Edit: Oops, punish me for not looking at most recent post…

My favourite bands are AFI, Smashing Pumpkins, and My Chemical Romance. Iron Maiden is pretty good too.

Pink Floyd
Green Day
Dougal & Gammer
Envy (from newgrounds)
Daft Punk
Little john
Kanya West

Guns n’ Roses, Home made Kazoku, The Eagles, Aerosmith, Queen, Styx, Sonata Arctica, Iron Maiden

You know who I like?
:DHope you enjoy it.


Dragonforce…heh. I only like Soldiers of the Wasteland. All their other songs sound the same.
You should listen to awesome soloists like Joe Satriani or Steve Ouimette Or Bang Camaro, they’re great.

I like bang camaro. But Herman Li can sweep Tap. I wonder what other guitarists can do that.

Oh my god! Someone else who likes Bang Camaro, I finally found someone! None of my friends either haven’t heard of them, or don’t like them at all lol
Hm, sweep tap…I know I can’t lol I haven’t heard of that actually, I can finger tap a bit, but nothing I’ve learned needs it lmao

Ok at 3:40 He sweep taps. You just see that and wonder…
Sweeping is a solo where you are playing across all the strings at the same time, while it is not chord (have no idea, My cousins working on these right now). And if you play guitar yuou should know what taapping is. Combine the 2 and you have sweep tapping.

Just watch from 2:30 to 5. Its Incredible!

I’ll have to watch that video later lol
But yeah…I like listening to soloists now lmao Have you heard of Joe Satriani? He’s pretty good, and I can play a few parts of a song of his too

Is he bald? I think Ive seen Him. Some people say he sonds like Eric Johnson (cliffs of dover from Gh3) which is pretty cool…

And hurry up and get that bang camero song Finished

Yes he is lol
I’m thinking of making Summer Song by him, it’s in the requests right now too, by me of course But if I have the time, I’ll make it myself.

Haha, alright. I finally got Guitar Pro, so that might make it much easier. I’ll have to redo the drums I think, I did those by ear. And if you want me to finish a song, PM me instead

If you want a song that doesnt sound like them at all, Listen to Trail of Broken Hearts. http://www.playlist.com/user/32703885/view