First songs

This was my first N2 song.

That was pretty neat. Really liked the drum solo part lmao

That’s wicked

people that just started this game!
post your very first song created here

tis my very first song…im still adding to it so it can be amazing, but give me some feedback on this little demo

Amazing !

hey thanks man, i updated my song alot, have a whole new layer to it
check it out

My first song.

Argh! It’s horrible! I don’t like it! 8-)

Ginger: Not bad, not bad. If I may make a suggestion though, in the beginning have you tried chords on the F, D, C, or upping the volume on those notes? Also, and this may just be me, it seems like you’re were missing something… maybe some accidentals or a full key change, G or D major or something.

Red: Hey now, it’s just your first song, my only critique is on the percussion. A small change can really break the monotony.

It sucks.

Reply to Hypo: You don’t have to be awesome just to make techno… but still, it takes a lot of work. And, Hypo, yor first song is called F Gamma(Translated by Altavista’s Babelfish).


Yes, the “Γ” is Gamma, and the other characters are probably not supported by Altavista. Don’t know why you felt inclined to translate it though…

This is one of my first song. it’s supposed to be a neo-classical metal and it turns into Thrash.
it’s a demo of my song Salvation

Here Is Mine


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Here’s l4o4l song.

Mine… its weird…

Another one of mine:

This was my very first song. It’s not my latest, most of my songs are in my thread.

My very first song, it was basically a bunch of rhythm tests, I gave it a pointless name =p

This is my very first song. I think its awesome. 8-)

Yay! My first post!

pretty nice, I’ve never heard the real ending to that game, but, It sounds good. Has everyone ignored my thread?