Forum Games

I vehemently vote nay.

I shall go with my commanding officer!

I’ll agree with you two and vote against it

What exactly is a “Forum Game”?

Oh my, I forgot about this one… So by a vote of 6-1, we rule in favor of the anti-forum game party. Play your filthy forum games elsewhere!

That makes this place no fun I get on this forum at least 3 times a day and nobody has posted anything, Im almost always on the newest post

as you can see, I have no life.

I can see that. Do you do anything else in your spare time? lol

you think you have no life im on almost 24/7
i think the only time im not on or atleast logged on is:

  1. When i go to work (8 hours a week)
  2. When im with my friends (then again i have a life)
  3. When im sleeping (normally from 3am the 9am)
  4. or im out doing other things
    technicly you can call me and notesiholic
    i just can seem to get away from this site
    unless im checking or chating on Chatzy

O Rly? I Dont have friends. I beat you at the no life game just for that. I dont have to say anything else.
Edit: I started to double post, there. And no, I dont have anything else to do. Its not like I get on here all the time. I go to NG, Friendcodes, and I play thw Wii 8-)

Just a weird Question.
Have you ever got really mad at any game on the Wii that you just fellt like throwing the controller into the screen?
If yes
ok you win
besides i have friends both online and at school.
Dang that reminds me i need to get some supplies for wednessday

I wonder what happened on wednesday…

LOL, I get to this point ALL the time!