Funny Translations

I made this topic because bad translations, they’re always hilarious (until they become overused). I just want everyone to post horrid translations so that people can LAUGH!


Hey, if you put the symbol (including the period) below into google translate it will say failure. Click on Failure and one of the options will be disabled people.


uhh. type cr@p in GT, translate to spanish, then translate the spanish word to english. you get something different

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Type in: 太もも上部老超幸せな楽しい時間。and translate into english. Original text (was random), “Thighs top guro super happy fun time”… Now it translates to a symbol that it just used and doesn’t recognize any more.

It says it’s the Chinese for “barrier” for me.

Well really they’re the same thing…

put it in Japenese

I did it when Ace’s username in japaneese was: Cover the artst, I removed a letter and it said (in english): Hippopotomas artist!


All your base are belong to us…

'Nuff said

Shudd’a putt’a link.

Heard an amazing one yesterday: In the middle ages in dutch, kwene meant something like bitch… The english word queen comes from this word!

Ich mag eine kleine Sissy Mädchen tanzen.

Not saying anything about the dutch part, but the other part…


Heh I looked it up too.

I have a list of things you shouldn’t google.
Wanna see’em?


Me neither…


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Translate “Sheath” into Latin. You get something a bit different…

if you put (without spaces) this: (TM )

you get this! ™

Uh how is that a translation?

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