Guitar Hero Metallica

Just got it an I 5-5 gold stared every song so far. Got 160 stars out of 245. Also I five starred some expert+ songs with a single bass pedal. Yep…

I don’t have it yet. It doesn’t come out for ps2 until 5/24/09 I hink. Definitely in late May. I’m saddened

EDIT: I must’ve been reading a European article or something, because I just found out it comes out a week from tomorrow on ps2! YAY!

Sweet. I’ll probably get it for PS2 when it comes out. My step-dad loves Metallica.

My dad loves Metallica.
I hear the game is hard, but easy. People are saying the engine has been changed from WT, making the timing window bigger. Probably because War Ensemble by Slayer and all those insane Metallica songs (Master of Puppets comes to mind) are on the game. The creators also did that with GH3. Haven’t you noticed you can hit notes really early and really late in GH3? I assume it’s because of One and TTFAF. They could barely be FCd with that huge timing window, so imagine what it’d be like on the GH2 engine.

Speaking of One…
One is on GH:M. They charted FSA like noobs, I hear. Descending trips, then switch to 2 ascending trips. Horrible. Even a monkey knows that’s not how it’s played. Well, at least there’s a bass, vocals, and drum track for it, to make up for the horrible guitar chart.

Why wouldn’t they just use the chart for GH3 and add the bass, vocals, and drum tracks on it?

Yeah really eh? Oh well… I haven’t played it yet, I might this weekend though. My friend got it, so I might go over. (hlisten)

because everybody was mad how they charted the song on GH3. It was either the darkness riff, or FSA everybody fussed about. On reeltar, the Darkness Riff has no 3 string chords, if I’m not mistaken. GH3 put a bunch of those in there, making people beserk. The beginning of the solo (FSA) was charted wrong too. They should have had it RYB trips, RYO trips, GYB trips, GYO trips, GRB trips, and GRO trips. Plus, the “Orange Notes of Death” should’ve been all HOPOs, but random strums make it a load of failure. I don’t know how the Metallica chart is, note wise, but everybody is making a big fuss about FSA. I’ll find out sometime next week.

You can play the darkness riff with or without 3 string chords on reeltar. It all depends on the way you play power chords. I use 3 strings.

The hell? (hlisten)

It’s a portmanteau of “real guitar”.

Oh… sounds kinda dumb lol

we discussed reeltar in my thread, remember?

If my friend is right (he usually is about this kind of stuff), Metallica plays it…


… On both Guitar Hero’s that One appeared on, the song was a master track, so no 3 string chords

Oh yeeaaahhh. Now I remember lol

I don’t really remember the way One looked in GH3… nor do I care really lol So I’m just gonna… say out of this little conversation/debate/another word for conversation.

I remember those 3 note chords. I think they may be 3 notes, though. They probably hit the open E 6th string on that chord along with the 2nd frets of the 4th and 5th strings, making it a 1-5-8 power chord.

I can’t wait for GH:M. Its only a few days away! BTW, happy Good Friday!

I beat each solo tour on expert, now I needa do the band tour.

Also I Four-Starred One on expert and can beat Im pretty sure every song on expert bass.

Ahh, a multi-instrumentalist, are we Sandy? I can’t drum or sing even if my life depended on it. Drumming always hurts my back because of the way I sit and I’m naturally not a good singer, so I’m not good at GH/RB vocals. And just to make sure, I tried singing. I passed Crazy Train on expert vox, but that was it. I fail miserably on any other song on vocals.

I can do all instruments on expert just not any song. Im not a guy whos on rb all day only stopping to poop,pee,or get something to eat. even then those people probably have a minifridge and microwave right next to 'em.

Neither am I. It gets boring after playing it for hours on end (unless you just got the game) When I first got GH:WT, I played it for 12 hours straight. When I first got Rock Band 2, it took me 2 days to beat the solo tour on X Guitar, then I spent 10 hours doing the Endless Setlist 2 (84 songs in a row, no shutting the game off) But I’d never do that again. GH:M doesn’t have a lot of songs, so I’ll probably spend 3-5 hours beating the solo tour on X Guitar, then another hour or two playing songs I like to play (Master of Puppets!)

They probably have a toilet as the chair they sit on to play.

I got it a few hours ago. I beat the final song (The Thing That Should Not Be), but I didn’t even scratch the surface of all the songs yet. I played the least amount of songs I needed to to beat the Career mode. Now time to go play the rest. MASTER!