Guitar Hero

Woo! I’m First! i’ve never benn first!
Anyway, GH3 is awesome! I can’t wait for Aerosmith! I have the 360 and usually play with the controller, not the gituar, and on hard. I started playing with the gituar today and am already on hard! woot! woot!

I agree. GH3 is the best!
I have it for the Wii and im on expert 8-)
Still havn’t passed Through the Fire and Flames yet, but I’m getting there

With the 360 controller I can sometimes play expert but I really can’t do repeating notes.

The only way i can pass it is with the No Fail cheat.
I still havn’t gotten the hang of the intro yet, but when I do, I should be able to pass it no problem

Haha…I have no life…

ay sup bro
thats right everybody, I’m kdiuldlea’s brother. Not very proud of it, haha just kidding around.
So yeah, Guitar Hero! Love it, I’m on expert and I own him every single song.
I still have trouble on Through the Fire and Flames, that song is one toughy.
Aerosmith is going to rock!!!

Yay Yay! Gingerbread’s rig ht! Aerosmith is gonna rok the socks offa everyone!

Aerosmith is such an awesome band, this game is gonna be the best!
I wonder how hard it’ll be to get. GH3 was really hard to find for the Wii…

I don’t know but i hope it won’t be too hard to find!

Woah! i didn’t see that coming! It’s going to be just like Rock Band! I can’t wait!

Yeah i heard about it a couple days ago. It’s gonna be freakin sweet!
I heard that you can also create your own music too, that’ll be my favorite part!


lmao yeah!! except…itll be more colourful. <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='8-)' /> I hope youd be able to upload MP3`s and make the music based on that, I have a couple songs that would be pretty cool to make.

LOL 8-) this Notessimo design was supposed to be a place holder, but I kinda liked it and keep it :o but when the final version will be released there will be a few themes to choose from (that will change both the web site and Notessimo colors/images)

I will release a few Notessimo concept in a few days and run a poll to see which one I should choose as the default one :D

Ah, nice. Can’t wait too see that.
But still, you can’t get better than round green, yellow, red, blue and orange notes lmfao

idk about anyone else but i dont like the 80’s stuff. there should be more recent songs in guitar hero, but there are some really good not so recent songs

you spelled guitar wrong

I read that System of a Down will be in !!! Can’t wait to sing Toxicity (I hope they will at least include it) ! But I agree, as much as I love 80’s song there isn’t enough recent songs

I would really like to see some Children of Bodom, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Wintersun, Turmion Kätilöt, Kalmah, etc., or just at least one Finnish Death / Melodic Metal song

And also Disturbed, Slipknot, Rammstein, Dope, Eisbrecher, Dope Star Inc., Entwine, Static-X, Korn, etc etc. there is never enough metal !!!

Edit : Linkin Park would be awesome too, there is only a few songs in each Guitar Hero/Rock Band that I really REALLY love and play with passion

How can you not like the 80’s stuff? Most of the old rock is the best!
Although, I do agree with the ‘needing more recent songs’ thing, but…you can’t hate the oldies.

i have gh1, gh2, gh3, and aerosmith and beat them all on expert. Gh3 took the longest to beat: about 6 weeks. Aerosmith only took 4 hrs lol. they’re all really good and i cant wait for gh4 with song creation!!!

^^^ my band

i need a life…

lmfao i love how there’s all rock guys, then there’s that one jazz spazz over there