Having a Bad Day?

So, you get out of school, or get off of work, or even spending a day at home and realize that nothing is going right, everything pisses you off, and you need to let off some steam and you need to do it NOW!! So instead of pissing off your family and throwing shit all over the place and breaking glass and all that dangerous stuff, come to this thread and just let it all spew out. Remember, here on the internet all you can do is throw words, and that doesn’t break anything…usually…

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If by normal music he means some crappy lil wayne than yes totallly you dont have any normal music

he had one or two good…wait nevermind

So, I guess this could be translated into having a bad month but here it goes…

So about 2 weeks ago some idiot decides it’d be cool to back out of his garage and hit the parked car that’s parked in the street (legally). That car happens to be mine. I was at a friends house minding my own business playing some PS3 when we all heard the noise, looked out the window and to my dreaded suprise there it was. The douchebag runs into my car and shatters my headlight, also pushing my fender liner in to the point where it’s touching the wheel, making it undrivable. Fortunately by taking it really slow I made it back home, but now I’m wating for my car to get fixed while I’m driving a rental. The thing is, it’s been 2 WEEKS NOW!! My goddamn car should be fucking fixed by now! But now, his insurance, which is Geico, is being slower than molasses about this, and the bodyshop was finally able to start working on it 2 DAYS AGO!! Because that’s when the adjuster finally came out to look at my car. So I still have to wait for my car to get fixed before getting it back, which will probably be sometime next week. So, what happens in the meantime? Fucking Iowa decides to have it’s biggest winter storm in years last night, pretty much shutting the state down (were talking Iowa here!) with about 16 inches of snow! My classes got cancelled, as well as every college in the state, and most of the main roads got closed off as well. So now I have to drive some foreign rental through this?! Bullshit. If fucking Geico would get off their fucking asses and get their shit done I’d have my car back but nooooooooooooo, I have to drive some shitty Hyundai Accent through this shit tomorrow. Thank you very much Geico you pieces of shit. Remember, 15 minutes could get you fucked in 15 inches of snow.

Yea? Well… I wore my shirt backwards today

I guess im blessed…I rarely have a bad day…I might get pissed at someone but that will last at the most 30 minutes (and that is rarely) so I guess this MIGHT be my only post in this thread

But I think this thread is a great idea clonefan


Thats what I would say if I was extremely frustrated.

past 2 months=depression, my gf breaking up with me for no legit reason, being teased about my weight, being physically sore from trying to get rid of that problem, my english teacher being an ass. but Im close to straight a’s!

Wow, DD. Believe it or not, but I’ve experienced something very similar to that… except the straight A’s, I’ll never get that. But yeah, it was the one point in my life where nothing went right, course that was about a year ago, but I think it’s coming back to me again… my best friend, who I have wanted to go out with for a while, told me that she doesn’t like the way I tell jokes, apparently they’re rude and not funny… so she decided to never talk to me again. On top of that, things at home aren’t going so great… I’ve been threatened by my mom to get a job before the end of the year… “or else”. Hopefully karma has something nice in store for me soon, I could use it.

im having family problems too…

Wow, our lives suck. My parents are getting divorced soon. Lets all slit our wrists together.

Mine got divored 5 years ago…Come here my brother, lets puncture our veins together.

Mine divorced when I was… 5, 6?

WOW… thats sad guys… and sadly this will make it worse

My parents are high school sweethearts, married 31 years and love each other still till death

This thread is like the bane of my existence cause i am, as my mom says (but jokingly though ) blessed ROFL

My life is hell as school. One of my best friends suddenly became a real bitch, plus I’m the guy that nobody’s gonna talk to.

I wonder why just kidding Unknowned…

I win! I was barely 4 AND about to eat my fav meal, pot pie. We can all share a lawnmower for our wrists.

I hope im not the only regular poster that has a good life… that would make me feel very sad

most of the best composers here are depressed, wow…