Help Making an Opening Tune for my Videos

I am making minecraft videos and would like an opening tune or melody to play before the actual video. I would make it myself, but I have no musical ability what-so-ever. So, if you (random reader) could maybe make a tune for my videos, that would be AMAZING! I would like the tune to be up-beat, happy, kind of catchy maybe, and about 30 sec. or longer. Thank you so much for your help (if you’re helping) and if you’d like, I will give credit to you for making the song.

I guess I can try to make something but there is no curtanty.
Just cycle through all the songs notessimo until you find something you like.

There are some good songs here to browse through.

Ill try to make one for you!

Good luck converting to MP3.

Thanks for the help, I successfully got a song that was just right! here’s the link to the video


Nice video! Good luck on your videos.

try anything