Homework help

I’ve seen we’ve had homework help topics before, but they were all about a specific assignment.

Here is the official homework page about whatever you need.

post links are answer questions.

'll start off:

whats 2+2?

(most questions will be harder than that.)

I need help with this.

Angle B is 61 degrees? Looks like it should be 90 lol.

Oops! Angle C is 61.

Ok, so what’s the ‘AB+AC=20’ about? As in… 20 what? Centimeters, inches…?
I think I could figure this out. At least I hope so, I just learned this in math not too long ago.


I got 4.9cm for side BC, does that sounds right to you?


No prob.

Guh! I hate trig… Wanna walk me through it? and I don’t think that it needs to be feet, cm. etc. I always just say “units”

Im one of the few people that passed the trig test this year… with a 90 everybody else failed it. And Im taking all classes a year ahead of schedule to good for skewl.

But Im sorry, I’ll have to help you tomorrow. I have a 7 chapter test in Biology tomorrow… so gonna fail that thing

Even in English?

My midterm grades

Math: 101
Science: 100
History: 95 (Even beat honors class, and I could of gotten a bonus 5 points with a sheet I had in my backpack)
French: 93
English: 87

My midterm grades:

English: 50
IT Business: 68
Math: 72
Gym: 80

Yeah… lol.

Whoops… nope I meant to say Im taking THAT class a year ahead of schedule
(yes I got your joke)

Holy crap, I failed that test. everybody failed that. we took the scantrons (machine gradable papers) from the class before us and flipped through them… so many questions wrong!

my grades (before this test)

Biology: 105
Geometry: 101
Spanish: 99
English: 94
World Geography: 97

and what am I supposed to explain about trig?

My Midterm grades:

English 8: 81
Math 9: 75
French 8: 95
I Forgot: 86
ICT 8: 83
Band : 97
PE 8: 78
Religion 8: 89
Science 8: 84
Social Studies 8: 87
Average: 86

I suck.

Well no wonder your doing bad! look at how many classes you have. I only have 7.

and your in 7th grade (US equivalent)?


That’s why every subject has “8” in front of it except math.

I was including kindergarten.

Er, I didn’t go to kindergarten.