How do you pronounce "Notessimo"?

This question has been bugging me. How do you pronounce it? I say “No-tih-see-mo” but am unsure if that’s correct.

It’s obviously pronounced like fortissimo.

9I’ve been pronouncing it nou-tess-ee-mow

Same as fire for me…and my friend willie too when he saw it
My friend shawn made fun of Notessimo and called it Notes Simo for like a Notes Simulator

I say No-Tee-Sim-Mo


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About damn time, I’ve been waiting the whole topic for this.

am I the only person who pronounces it [notes-sim-O] there is no I there and it is based off the words notes sim(or simulation) O(as in Oh my god, this is awesome)


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That’s how I say it.

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Words that can be derived from the letters in Notessimo:
Me son is emo.
No not emo!
Ness is emo too.
I is one ton.

Run Link run.
Falcon Punch still gets him!
Ike fights for his friends
What’s the scouter say about his…what the fuBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

uhhhh thats nice for you but mine didnt overlap or leave sections out like yours… soooo

like saying StarWars is pronounced Sta-Rwa-Rs you can identify star and wars so you pronounce it such

Okay, my post didn’t even have my way of pronouncing it in it.

Here: No-ti-see-moe

Or: No-tehs-M-O




Pa pa oom a mow mow

No tee see moe oboe foe fo-sho mo-fo lol

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You don’t pronounce Notessimo. Notessimo pronounces you.

I have this voice search thing on my Droid Eris… It only comes up when I say No tees emo

I’m pretty sure it was meant to be pronounced, (Noe-tee-see-moe). It makes sense, because it resembles “Fortessimo” and “Pianissimo”, two dynamics used in music. Well, that’s how I say it. I consider it correct.

Well I pronounce fortissimo fort - iss - imm -oe with an accent on the “iss” and I pronounce “Notessimo” the same way.