"HyperSpeed" songs

“HyperSpeed” is a various word used in many cases of speed, in this case, it’s Notessimo!

So basically, this topic is about super fast songs (750+ Tempo) to HyperSpeed (Exactly 999 Tempo).
An example is:

Don’t make the whole song in one layer unless it’s like 10 measures.
Make it in a beat.
See what the various sounds you can make by putting sixteen-notes together
Use them to create a fast looking song that might impress people.

Good! I’ll try it sometime! :roll:

Just a question, but, did you ask a MOD before you made this?

Hm… that’s an interesting idea. I have a bad feeling it will lead to ‘ear torture’ but I’ll let it go for now and see what happens. Unless another mod has an objection to this.

Hm… I might try this…
EDIT: First Attempt

I thought sheet 4 was pretty cool.

I have hope in this here thread.

Well, I usually never ask but use common sense to figure out what can be here and what can not.
Ex. 1) NO | Porn, with a man with clothes to filter it out.
Ex. 2) YES | Anything not naked or not doing anything explicit like fake sex.
Ex. 3) YES | Comedy images that may disturb others in a rude way that is NOT being threatening or drastic to any viewer.

Read this before making your own thread and and read these rules too, because it might violate some of them! What you said applies in the general/off-topic section. And for ex. 3, screw you

Might want to read the thread before you tell him off. This isn’t his own thread, but a thread dedicated to a genre which another thread does not cover.


I think this thread is fine. It doesn’t seem to be breaking any rules.

It might break my comp, though.
Well done Fireball, pure awesome! Love it!


Here’s a one hour masterpeice I made, enjoy?

Haha, nice.

Thats why I said it might violate them. Im to lazy to go through them again

here is the biggest piece o crap ever


I though it was pretty funny! :roll:

this thread is fine to me.

ok, we get it!