If Notessimo Was Television by Unknown

Don’t get satellite. LOL. No, I don’t really care what you get. This is just for the heck of it.

These are songs that I like.

Name all the songs in the comments!

The song at the end is just something I thought of as ending music. It may become a real song.

Lol I didn’t get it at first, but it’s funny.

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Haha, nice idea.

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That awkward moment where you think of ASDF Movies more than Notessimo…

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What the heck?

I only recognised Electronic Fjord and Super Mario Bros. Theme.

PD: I have to say that I loved how funky sounds sheet 7. Complete it!

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Herp Derp is what I say to this!

I also got Your World, My World, I don’t know what anything else is though!

( in order )
Old school techno, Lego battle ( Georges new song ), Your world, my world, Cake town ( loop, but edited like the satelite sux ), Electronic fjord ( same satelite thing ) Super mario bros theme ( Satelite again ), Song that carrot made



ololllolololol this sounds a bit fun

Your World, My World, Electronic Fjord, Super Mario Bros. Theme, caketown. thats all I know.

what will it be next? a part of my Metal Sea Sea Song?

This guess the song is fun!


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I don’t really like this song but #2 was my favourite part.