Kdiuldlea's Songs

[Updated Jan. 8/11 - Chocobo Song]


Raining Blood - Slayer
Speed of Light - Joe Satriani
Push Push(Lady Lightning) - Bang Camaro
The Reason - Hoobastank
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Speed of Light - Stratovarius

Video Games
Star Fox - Corneria
Star Fox - Space Armada
Super Mario RPG - Culex Battle
F-Zero - Big Blue
Team Fortress 2 Theme - Valve
Chocobo Song - Nobuo Uematsu NEW

Ok, Crazy Train won the first poll, so I’m gonna attempt to make it.
I’ve made a second poll, so choose your favorite song out of the 6

Hey, don’t make Smoke on the Water, I’ve actually been working on that for a while. Thanks.

Oh, ok then, I’ll take that out of the poll. Thanks for tell me lol

I can’t wait to hear Crazy Train and Paranoid!!! And good job on Push Push(Lady Lightning) and The Reason

Completely agree!

Thanks guys. Paranoid should be done soon…but I took out the singing cuz it sounded horrible. Crazy Train is difficult because there’s a lot of triplets and other crap I don’t the names of in there, so that might be a while lol

Me no likey triplets…

Lmao, I know how to make them…so it’s not a huge deal, it just makes it take longer than usual. lol

Paranoid is done!!
Here it is: http://notessimo.net/?id=8547

good job on Paranoid

Alright, Walk This Way is now in the works. I wasn’t able to work on it cuz of school, but now I have enough free time to get a bit done everyday.

nice. I can’t wait

I dont know if you need it now but here’s the crazy train intro( not remix i was making something but gave up(lost thought)) ?id=9310

Ok, I found a tough song to make, and I will finish it.
Speed of Light by Joe Satriani, check the first post for the link to hear it on Youtube.

Are you still doing crazy Train?

No, I gave up on it…I’m not working at anything right now actually…going through a few problems in real life right now, so yeah…I’ll get back to making songs once everything gets sorted through.

Can I have your Crazy Train? I’ll try to finish it.

Well, I would’ve given it to you… but, sadly, all my songs were deleted.
I didn’t share my Crazy Train song either so I can’t look for the link. The only song I have now is Speed of Light, which is still half done after a month of it laying around, I should get around to working on it eventually lol.

That’s fine, I started working on something new anyhow.
maybe I’ll try my hand at it afterwords.