Keeping track with names

(similar to Would you rather and Count to 2000)


Write your name and what you got the idea for it.

(F. E) Chicken_Soup99 : It is my favourite dish and I eat it a lot.
Rainbowsmileyeatsburrito’s I like rainbow unicorns and burrito’s

Or something like that… But that was just an example… and if you already answered you can just say the name before you changed it to the name you have now,

I was bored…

Aliens Exist =3

A few years ago, I was playing Lego ROCKBAND for the Ninteno WII and I saw the song: Aliens Exist - Blink182

SO… I didn’t think I was going to be on this website for long, And I made my username: Aliens Exist.

And I has a ring to it, So I added the =3 and now I’m one of the most “Reconisable” members on notessimo, I’m not saying famous, but I am saying a lot of people know me now. I still have the game, It’s really fun, playing expert with my lego dude! But thats basicly the story of how I got my username…

I got my name back in 2007. My sister asked what I wanted my username for Gaia Online and I didn’t know. So I decided since my favorite character (back in 2007) was Link, I would have my name as Link! But my sister wanted it to be, ‘cooler’ and put xX_Xx around it. After that, she told me to make up a number and I replied 41. THE END!!!

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My favourite colour.

It’s like a rosy colour, I like it :3

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I don’t see how this is a game. Most of us will only be able to post once or twice. Also we should rename it to make it clearer!

I got the Ace part from my strong desire for perfection.

1257…well, let’s just say it’s something to do with math.

Ahh, it’s 52.375*24.

Afraid not.

ggfchl- first letters of my favorite comics
Hobbes- The imaginary stuffed tiger from Calvin and Hobbes

What are they?

cartrox01 - Carter (Me) + Rocks + Typical generic number= cartrox01 It was originally Carox, but I figured people would pronounce it like care-rocks instead of car-rocks. So I added an extra tr.
cartr0x - shorter version of cartrox01, It’s inspired by the name deadmau5. Notice the number. And I guess it also incorporates the 0 from the 01 into it.
carrot. - people noticed that when you take cartrox and then you move the t before the x, you get carrotx, and so then people started calling me carrotx and carrot. I liked carrot better, kinda because carrotx was hard to pronounce (care-ut-kcs, say it, not easy.) so I change my name to carrot and added a punctuation mark to make it more, you know… interesting. It’s like, MY NAME IS CARROT., AND THAT’S THAT.

Now you know how it changed from cartrox01 alllllll the way to ‘carrot.’.

Would one of them happen to be Garfield & Friends?

Well, my name came in a nerdy was to say the least

I was playing wwe SvR10 and i created a character, it asked for a stage name from a list of names, i chose “Dynamite”

BUT, i made a slight error when entering the name that would apear, ( The second “y”) And ever scince then it sort of stuck


My club penguin username, It’s been a while since I played it!

I was the sonic “fanboy” back then…

Let’s play guess-ggfchl’s-favourite-comics.

Calvin and Hobbes

Wow you’re good at this game, five out of six!

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What could that wondrous second G represent?


The funny thing is… I only know Garfield and friends! XD

That’s not a comic, just a TV series, isn’t it?