Yes, Kirby. I don’t know if you guys are Kirby fans, but I decided Kirby deserves his own topic.
Some of my favorite kirby games:

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
Kirby Super Star
Kirby’s Dreamland 3
Kirby 64: The crystal shards


errr…I’m not sure where you got that “his”, but it was probably my computer screwing up.

This should be what I wrote, to clarify anything that messed up

I think Roast was talking about that part.

He probably thinks Kirby is a girl

and why isn’t Kirby Superstar on your list its the best Kirby game of all time. PERIOD.

Oops. Guess I forgot KSS…

It is a good game, it has a bunch of different modes…

But the reason I like crystal shards is because of the ability to combine two powers to form one, and because I like Zero Two.

(Easy final boss, still awesome)

EASY!?! what the heck are you? Asian? A ninja? That boss is impossible!

But yes, I do love CS too.

He might be a little harder than I gave him credit for, but I’ve seen him be beat in less than a minute.

I recently even got the game on an emulator. Now I can beat the game on my com. as I talk to you. =)

It might be that I’ve only made it to that boss on my pc, which has harder controls. And thanks a lot! I now want to play kirby super star (or whatever its called), but I sold my Snes :roll:

Good thing we have emulators

I actually never OWNED a super ninntendo. After playing the game, I got Super star ultra on the DS.

If you have a DS, maybe you could consider it.

So… have you ever battled Marx? he’s hard. I might just think that because the last time I faced him was when I was, I dunno, maybe 5

Well, I thought he was somewhat easy, but some of his attacks were really hard to dodge.

As well as the addition of Masked dedede, Galactic Knight, Wham Bam Crystal, and Marx Soul final bosses.

That was cool.

??? If only I could remember those bosses. And Marx soul? I didn’t know there was that. Maybe I’ve been referring to that one. Is Marx Soul the one in outer space?

Marx Soul is the boss in the “True Arena” mode. It looked…

kinda like an insanse version of marx, and it’s way stronger. Galactic knight you had to face in Meta Knightmare, and you defeated it using meta knight. Masked Dedede… pretty much explains itself there. =p
And Wham bam crystal was the boss of Helper to hero, where you controlled the helpers

wait, you get to control metaknight!?!

Yeah, you have to control him through all the levels of spring breeze, dynablade, the great cave offensive, meta knight’s revenge (without the meta knight bosses, obviously), and milky way wishes to face galactic knight, a pink knight with angel wings and a javelin-like sword.

butbutbutubt… how!!!

You know, B= swoed, a= jump,

and on the touch screen there are 4 special moves (summon knight, heal, meta-quick, and that tornado move)

He got energy from each monster defeated and used that energy to pull off the special moves

the sword was basically the same as sword kirby