let's write an RPG soundtrack!

totally stolen from another forum, but i doubt they’ll find it here.
if they do, i hope they appreciate that i like their idea, rather than calling me a thief (besides, all musicians steal sometimes)

OK so here’s the deal, everyone loves RPGs like final fantasy/chrono trigger etc. (don’t quote me on that please) and one of the most important parts of ANY rpg is the soundtrack, the music, the “annoying tunes in the background that get stuck in your head and have to remake on notessimo to get them out of your head”
well, i thought it’d be an awesome idea if we made our own soundtrack for an RPG (made up one of course)
so to start with here’s the rules:

  • it has to be ORIGINAL
  • no offensive titles, or pictosongs
  • no making a song that someone else has made e.g. we can’t have two main themes (certain things like battle themes are OK as long as there aren’t too many)
  • all songs must loop unless otherwise specified

now then, onto the songs we need:

main songs

character themes

location themes

battle themes

event themes

if anyone has any ideas on different songs we’d need, that’d be great. this could be a huge project, but also a lot of fun!

Hm, this is an interesting idea.
I was actually thinking of doing something like this because I was attempting to make flash RPG game.
Maybe once I get around to actually making that game, I’ll use these songs:D (If that’s alright with the ones who make them).

im kinda doing something a bit like this, but this is an improvision! id like to do this with you, so… yeah

Woah, thats gonna take a lot of work. But it looks kinda interesting. <----Mr green has officially became my favorite smiley

Ehh, shouldn’t be too hard. We have enough talented Notessimoers (lol) here, as long as each of us make a few, it should be good.

Daimsel in Distress theme

This sounds like fun! I might toss in a few.
Also, what’s your RPG going to be about, Kd?

The song you are talking about is already from Mega Man. That would be stealing if it was put into a new RPG. All the songs here need to be original.

I was thinking about basing it on the Fire Emblem series. I don’t have too much else planned out, I think it’ll be awhile until I start making it though.

If you want to link your song, use the [url] code, for the notessimo code… just put the id number.

So here’s your song

Here is something that you could use.
I didn’t think a song should be too complex because it could overpower the game. Also, it loops well.

And is the title supposed to say:
let’s write and RPG soundtrack!
Or should and be an?

Hm, that’s pretty nice. I think I could find a use for that somewhere. Maybe at a sad moment.

shady guy theme

also, jt, way to many long notes together, its not that great, but a start

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well convince her
anyways, heres a turned ally battle when one of your allies turns out to be from the/joins the evil side

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yeah, it’s a bit rubbish but it’s a battle theme thrown together in about 10 minutes. now you’ll all look absolutely amazing in comparison!
also it’s supposed to be AN rpg soundtrack, not and… oops

There! Fixed it!

What if someone actually made an RPG that used our music? That would be pretty sweet.

When/if I make an RPG I’ll be using Notessimo made music. Good promoting for it, depends on how good the game is lol

yeah. You don’t want to use this awesome music if the game sucks. That won’t be good.