Marvel or DC?

So, after trying to think of the Marvel/DC equivalents of various superheroes, I think I’ve come up with some unorthodox answers. However, that doesn’t prove the real question any superhero fan asks: Which one is better, Marvel or DC? So I decided to ask all of you. I figured we could ease into the superhero discussion.

I know this probably has nothing to do with the topic but…

at the 2 dollar store nearby my house, I saw a package and it said: “Marvel’s Greatest Superheroes!” and it had Green Lantern, Superman, all that jazz. But right at the end of the action figures… wait for it…

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A Batman Action Figure.

I mean… Seriously! That’s… DC… and… Ugh… -_-*

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Green lantern and superman are DC as well.
But to answer the topic at hand: Marvel beats all. Why? Because deadpool.

And because i find a lot of DC’s characters uninteresting i suppose…

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See, that’s the thing though, it’s their character archetypes.
-DC’s archetype is essentially gods that have no limits to their powers, that are morally pure, and can only be beaten by exploiting their one genetic flaw they have no control over, for example, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc.
-Marvel’s archetype, on the other hand, tends towards regular people given special abilities, but because they’re ordinary people, they have to deal with hiding themselves from everyone they know, for example, Spiderman, every single member of the X-Men, Iron Man (at first), etc.

Now, this doesn’t mean they don’t have characters like the other archetype (Batman for DC, Thor for Marvel), but they tend to stick with either “Alien with lots of powers and a crippling weakness to ____” or “Normal person exposed to radioactive _____, given powers, but can’t tell anyone and has no weakness directly related to their powers”.

Oh yeah, and Deadpool’s just awesome. But you know DC has a Deadpool-like character too, right? His name even starts with “Dead”.

I never really thought of it that way, but now that i think about it you are totally right. Furthermore it seems weird how a hero such as superman have one single weakness - a rock from the planet on which he was born - yet every other villain he encounters have access to it somehow… It just seems silly how a weakness that sounds so hard be to abuse is so easily exploitable. Don’t get me wrong though, even though i haven’t read many DC comics i don’t hate DC at all. As a matter of fact i’m planing to get some issues of batman sometime, although i have to get some more deadpool and the goon comics before i focus on batman. Probably going to get some walking dead comics too since the first 6 issues were pretty good. Although the goon and the walking dead are niether DC nor Marvel so lets not focus on them:P

See, they NEEDED to give him some random weakness. Otherwise, he’d be too powerful. Also, some of their weaknesses are just silly. Fire. Yellow/wood, depending on the generation. Sub-zero Kelvin temperatures. Well, that last one is just speculation for the Flash, but it’s still viable.

I know they needed to give him a weakness… It’s just weird to me that kryptonite seems so hard to come by, yet every other villain magically has access to it. At least they did in the cartoons. Or so it seems to me.
Like i said, i’m not a huge fan of the whole DC universe, so i haven’t read that many of the comics, and as such i might very well be wrong.
Batman is awesome though. I like batman.

No, that is also a major feature of it. Honestly, I think Luthor has some sort of underground Kryptonite collection. Either that or he took the bit he had and molecularly copied it to make more. And Batman has to have gotten his kryptonite FROM Luthor, for a price of course. Also, the Martian Manhunter is infinitesimally more powerful than Superman, but his weakness is fire. Fire. Of everything, they chose fire. He’s pathetic. The Human Torch would annihilate him instantly. It’s just sad, really.

I don’t really get why they called that guy Slade in the Teen Titans series. What’s wrong with Deathstroke? Was that name too scary for them?

I LOVED the old Teen Titans!!! It was so much fun to watch!!! But the revamped series is bad…I mean, sure, it’s cool they even brought it back, but…I liked the old animation better. Oh, and since that’s all technically under Batman’s corner of DC, it’s okay to like it.

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Just picked up my first Batman comic ever today. “The court of owls” to be specific. I had read a lot of positive things about it before i bought it, and thought i’d give it a shot. I was not disapointed, and i’m thinking buying some more batman comics sometime in the future… First i have to finish the “owl” series though:P

What i’m trying to say is that i was pleasently surprised by my first real encounter with batman (not counting the cartoons)