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Formatting key for my songs:
“Song name here” (genre, length) “Notes on the song here”

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My Favorite: A Building Full of Experiments (Rock, 3:28)
Most Liked: Melancholy Solider (House Remix) (House, 3:30)
Most Viewed: AVELife Color Diagnostics (Chiptune, 2:00)
Most Recent: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai - “Chōsensha-tachi” (The Challengers) (Power Metal, 2:22) Critique is always welcome!

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Rock (13) lightsaber-blue.gif

A Building Full of Experiments (Rock, 3:28)
Saga of the Dragon (Instrumental Rock, 2:29) V3 Port
----Lay of the Soldier (Instrumental Rock, 5:20)
----Lament of the Citadel (Orchestral Solo, 3:53)
A Soft Interlude (Blues, 2:20)
Aura of Hope (Acoustic Rock, 3:16)
Speed Freak (Revised) (Rock ‘n’ Roll, 2:44)
The Storm of Two Guitars (Rock Battle, 2:32)
FourShadow (Piano Rock, 3:36)
Uranium (Speed Metal, 3:07)
Minor Blues (Blues, 3:24)
Terminal (Heavy Rock, 2:46)

Ambient/Acoustic (6) lightsaber-green.gif

Rain (Ambient, 4:08)
Gateway to Paradise (Acoustic Rock Ballad, 5:06)
Voyage to the Unknown (Acoustic Techno, 3:47)
Glory’s Road (Piano Ballad, 6:00)
There is a Joy (Unlike Any Other) (Acoustic, 3:07)
WaveRider (Ambient/Rock Solo, 3:34)

Techno (7) lightsaber-purple.gif

Different Madness (Techno, 4:27)
Techno Beach (Techno, 3:39)
----Synth City (Techno, 2:00)
----Horror Town (Techno/Horror, 2:06)
RPG Title Theme (2min Loop) (RPG/Techno, 2:30) All songs under this with dashes (----) next to it are for the space game thread
----It’s a Space Battle! (Techno, 3:46)
----Desert Theme (Egyptian, 1:35)

Collabs (8) crossed_sabers.png?1222504982
The 12th Organ (Rock, 4:59) Me and Sandal.
We Fight for Freedom (Techno Orchestra, 3:59) Also by Ashley bas10
Evil Planet Loop (Horror Loop, 4:23) mostly by DarkDan12, I designed sheet 0
Electronic Fjord (Techno Trance, 4:29) Originally was a scrapped project of mine that I shared to the forums, Cartrox wrote most of it.
Enigma of Tranquility (Metal/Acoustic, 3:34) All Under this song with dashes (----) next to it are by “Force Lightning,” meaning me and Kamarai
----Ace of Hearts (Classical Rock, 2:36)
----Rave Central (Techno, 3:32)
Letificus (Orchestral, 1:49) One between me and Slip, but credit must be given to DarkDan for starting it.

Covers (10) crossed_sabers.png?1222504982
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai - “Chōsensha-tachi” (The Challengers) (Power Metal, 2:22) 10 Hour Version
Melancholy Solider (House Remix) (House, 3:30) My first completed V3 song!
Digital Flying (Electronic House Mix) (Electronic House, 2:22) A cover I did in Sunvox of a Notessimo song.
AVELife Color Diagnostics (Chiptune, 2:00) I love this song.
Link’s Awakening - Overworld (Remix) (EDM, 2:16) Remove sheet 1 for infinite loop.
Dr. Wily Stage 1 (Orchestral Rock, 5:50) Man I was bored when I made this…
Calm Anger vs The Final Call (Techno, 3:24) A mash-up I did between two songs on this site.
Brinstar Theme (Remix) (Metal, 0:47) Just a small loop.
Linus and Lucy (Piano, 1:38)

Update 1: Songs are now organized into groups based on genre, and are ranked within those groups based on Personal Opinion and General Popularity
Update 2: Added a white text color to collabs and unoriginal songs. Fixed typos.
Update 3: Added new collab w/ Sandal. Re-ranked collabs based on my own opinion.
Update 4: Added Dr. Wily Stage 1. Fixed numerical errors.
Update 5: Added collab with Cartrox
Update 6: Added Avelife. Fixed errors with the new forum format.
Update 7: Added Digital Flying. Fixed more errors, changed colors.
Update 8: Added Link’s Awakening - Overworld. Fixed yet more errors.
Update (25 Mar 2020): Added the V3 Port of Saga of the Dragon
Update (30 Mar 2022): Added Different Madness
Update (23 Nov 2022): Added [Dragon Ball Z: Budokai - “Chōsensha-tachi” (The Challengers). Moved the changelog to the bottom and fixed some graphical errors. Updated the featured songs area. Updated many of the song counts as they were not correct.


I want to thank Hypo, Kdiuldlea, and Clonefan for allowing me to make this thread. You guys rock!

Finnaleh C:

glad you finally got a thread


Also I didn’t really like waverider
The intro sounded great but when you brought in new instruments it just didn’t sound as great
UNTIL sheet 6-7 that sounded great, then you brought back in a fender/piano combo…the notes they were at just didn’t sound good
Maybe without one or the other on that combo would sound better
sheet 12 sounded great

i rate 4/5 despite the stuff i didn’t like you as always have great compositional skills and the parts i liked, well really i loved

Sheet 0 totally gave me some inspiration though

Why is Synth city at the bottom? It’s pretty good for a techno song, kind of cheesy but drama is part of your style so I can’t really blame you. Not your worst

Good point. The reason Synth City is at the bottom is that, well…i put them in order from which I liked them. I only put in songs that I thought you guys liked, so a few of my songs, Moodchanger to say the worst, aren’t on there. in my opinion, I like every song above Synth City more than it, so there you go.

When I wrote this song, I was at my church playing piano and I thought, “hmm, that piano riff is pretty cool!” and then i made this song. I love this song, but you’re entitled to your own opinions.

S’about time you got your own thread. Voted for “Gateway to Paradise” on your poll.

What?! :frowning:

It was Raegae (or however you spell it) / Rock

He changed it to ambient and didnt change the discription ROFL

okay guys, this stuff is great and all but is anyone going to critique my newest song?

Terminal was pretty cool, though its pretty repetitive. I give it an 8.5 out of 10, and no hard feelings right?

No hard feelings at all! I’m not that kind of person to hold like a grudge or whatever, in fact I don’t even remember being mad at you for something… We’re cool

Eh terminal wasn’t bad
Good metal guitar riff
But I didn’t like it alot…maybe its the way you used the instruments…i don’t really know ROFL

BUMP! (hey, my first bump!)
This is my first try at a REAL ambient song, I don’t really think WaveRider counts. (Two firsts in one post, A NEW RECORD!)

I took a lot of inspiration from The Ocean, which is probably my favorite song, tied with Rise of Credence and Canon Rock. i loved the song because it sounded like he spent all of time on every detail, and then he tell us he finished it in 5 hours. Ironically i finished this song in 11 hours so…yeah. My favorite aspect is the bass organ. I don’t know why, but I just can’t get enough of the simple riff. Weird. Happy listening!

You need to reset your polls so I can vote for your new song. Seriously, dude, that was great.
The rain sounds, the strings, the bass…all of it was amazing. I also liked the uplifting atmosphere in it.
Don’t know what to complain about…I can’t find anything wrong with it. 5/5.

I’m not lying, I spent 5 hours(and 20 minutes) on it. It was just one of those moments where the pool of ideas kept overflowing. I was also composing it to take a break from the heavy loads of English and Social Studies homework I had to do so… I had to finish the song fast. Glad you liked it.

i never said you were lying, on the contrary, i was stating that i thought is was amazing that you finished it so fast. glad to hear you like mine too.

EDIT: Dang that poll glitch happened to me, oh well.

that was a great song, just for that, your on THE LIST!


Bump! Hopefully I’m allowed to double-post in my own thread as a bump.

Ditto with Anthony on Rain!