Most Awkward Moments of your Life

Just talk about some of your most awkward moments of your life. Examples such as this one.

That awkward moment when your shining your shoes and then someone walks in the room and thinks you’re… uh…

That’s why you face the door when you’re shining shoes.

That awkward moment when somebody says something and you ask them to repeat it, but when they repeat it you understand even less.

Ran through a screen door… -_-

Happens… TO DANG OFTEN!!!

Trying to explain to a friend what it means to ‘Jack-off’… A friend who is a girl

also posting any song thinking “THIS IS AWESOME!” and then realizing how much it sucks as the theory is explained to me

That awkward moment when your at a park you hit your face in a mirror maze, lol.

That awkward moment when you try to explain gaming to your parents…

I dont “game”.

The awkward moment when you ask someone if they remember something they said and they never actually said that.

^ yep