My part for cc2017 (isolated)

Steve’s part was funny.

4/2/2024 EDIT: All other parts are removed. Find the full collab with my part included here.


oh geez v4 you silly goose, those sheets aren’t supposed to be layered like that

Awww yes, I could have a look at it, but there was some fundamental difference in the way V3 saves the data versus V4 which means to be accurate when played in V4 it has to be layered this way in certain situation.

Audibly, does it sound like in V3 at least?

Sounds more or less the same, yes, although with the way V4 arranges my sheets here, the timing is a tad bit scuffed.

Gotcha, I might’ve another look at the code converting V3 song, altho sheet overlap happens when the position of the sheets are not “exact” so it might be easier to fix in the original V3 file. Let me have a quick look

That’s funny, because in the V3 file, the sheets are supposed to be in sequential order, one right after the other. I didn’t even do anything fancy. Could just be a skill issue on my end, but maybe with Dre’s update on the song he’ll find a workaround.

This should be better:

The issue wasn’t on your end, there was a tiny minuscule space between some of the sheets before yours (don’t remember which one) and that had a compound effect of messing with the “rounding” of the position in V4 format.

If you ever encounter this issue again, in V3 you can grab the sheet and slightly move them to the left so they “snap” properly to the sheet on their left and eliminate any possible space in-between.

All I did was reposition all of the sheets to makes sure there wasn’t any spaces (and also move them to the first track so the measures are properly displayed in the player).

That’s what I’ve been doing.

I’ve added a few more info to this thread. I think in that case it was also the giant space in-between some of the sheets and the tempo change that occurs during that “empty space” that causes the issue and messed up further positioning of the subsequent sheets.

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