New Update Bugs

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a new update. i’m going to get straight to the point and say that there are a few problems i’ve encountered already:

  1. PLAY doesn’t work when trying to compose music
  2. laggy/delayed scrolling in the main pages
  3. no browse section

1.I’m not sure if i’m the only one having this problem but the PLAY thing is kind of a big deal because i can’t rate or comment on people’s songs. composing songs can still be done in the OPEN NEW WINDOW option which is still working fine

2.not a big problem, but my computer’s hardware is pretty decent so idk how the not so decent computers are handling

3.i was never big on browsing through endless “Unamed Song by Unknown” or “Total Garbage Randomness by Wannabe” but it is still a big deal to some people

the new background looks very nice but i’d still rather play Notessimo than look at it all day. any other bugs? comments? questions? rambles?

I was wondering when the thread for this would be showing up LOL (hlisten)

Not exactly a bug, but is there ever going to be a shop?


None of the links on the very bottom of the page work (with the exception of the phpBB link). Also, the quotes are gone! (hlisten)

(hlisten) I just noticed something…

Where is the “donate” button?

I have been tying to be able to donate…
and I cant do that when the button dissappeared…

i’m jealous, Im to poor to donate.

LOL don’t be;

the reason I said that I was TRYING to,
was that I have been trying to convince my mom

I am too poor myself too

I don’t know if anyone noticed but at least for me I can’t rate songs nor can I view ratings of songs either

It’s not so bad is it?

You mean not being able to rate songs? It’s not terrible but I kinda enjoy looking at rating before listening to the songs just to have an idea of how good the music I’m about to listen to is.

P.S. Can I breathe now God damnit? It’s been 18 hours since I’ve taken a breath and I’m starting to turn a little purple!

Most of these icons and emotes have not-so-crispy transparency that just DOES NOT WORK on a dark background. It’s giving me a major headache… and the composer does not open.

Don’t know of anyone made a thread about this.

EDIT: For god’s sake you have 400 people with 0 post counts. It just wastes space. Nuke 'em.

I agree with the smileys. They were getting on my nerves also.

Also, CF, you’re a mod, ask yourself.

Most of these issues will be fixed tonight ! Sorry, as for the smiley and transparency, I forgot to upload the new files >.>’ ! I wanted to update the new design as fast as possible but I should’ve tested some more

Also, for now (before the new update tonight / tomorrow morning) you can still compose and listen to other’s song by clicking on “Open in a new window” !!!

You know because of the update im probably just going to click pop up for now on, you made me realize its better, no more accidently clicking ads, we cant edit the little adress bar at the top, So i can’t accidently press refresh, and theres a warning whenever I navigate away from the page… (or was that always there?)

I’ve always used the ‘New Window’ thing with Notessimo so that wasn’t a big deal for me
But I really like this new design! I haven’t seen any other bugs from the ones that have been mentioned though.

Why yes. I wasn’t on yesterday, so when I logged on today, I was like," Yes! The update!" I tried clicking play, and I thought the song would just play from my speakers. I was mistaken, and found this thread and now I know I’m not the only one with this problem


That was already talked about…I think

I cant find the post though…

From what i remember, Starburst was think of making it so poeple can buy a special “Premium acc” and they will get a special name color, and other benefits …woah…the smilies changed

It was here

Also, nice with the smileys. That laughing one looks sooo much more like laughing!