New updates may never be possible.

Considering the fact their hasn’t been an update on the actual program in years, I asked myself what could be the problem.

I then came to the idea that he lost the source code. Meaning the only thing he has is the version that we have now.

He could add an over-viewing file that the Flash player looks at first (and has a list of other files for the program to use), but Flash might have limitations against that.

If so, no more updates.

Any thoughts?

Don’t worry, be happy…it’ll be fixed…sometime in the next 100 years…
But think positive…however…it might be the case…

i hope its false

Or Starburst just doesn’t care about us.

Then why does he pay $343.16 dollars a year to keep the site up?

think about it, the version out now contains the source code, so how could he lose it? I thinks he has no motivation or need to change the program, as it is not generating cash and is functional.

don’t worry we will never get updates for a different reason

I’m guessing you don’t know how coding works…

The version on this site does not contain the source code…

We have the compiled version.

The source code would be in something like a .txt file that can be read in a coding API.

Maybe he’s getting revenue from the adverts?

(The spambot adverts, that is.)

I know how this works but this only uses flash right? so isn’t it possible to reverse the steps?

Speaking of which (AKA totally Off topic), What happened to the ad at the top of the page?

Yes, it is possible to decompile it, but It won’t have the original names of each of the objects.

After years of testing of the thousands of objects that have all been renamed to a, b, c, etc. he could resume working on it.

well yeah that would take a long time, but he could also do it a different way if he wanted to, just take screenshots of the art and record the sounds with fraps, because of the way this game is laid out (well just looking at it you can tell some) with simple layering of art and only one sound recording per instrument (and modification of the pitch) it wouldn’t be too hard to clone it from scratch.

also I don’t think he lost it, if he did he would probably make a post about it.

Lol that was gone over a year ago. You only noticed now?

I Got adblock plus about a year ago…

I read remaking a program is easier than decompiling it to work on it more.

And now you made me want to make a notessimo 3.

Man, scary part is that I can see Starburst pulling a “GH” move and make a “brand new” version… with almost nothing new, rather than improving the old one.

At least the bugs would be gone.

So by Notessimo 38 we’ll have a near perfect program?

I don’t know…guitar hero didn’t last that long XD

Lol but still i doubt he lost the source code…he’s probably just unmotivated…

Isn’t he still in college?