How many of y’all have NG accounts

I do, it’s where I post all of me notessimo muzakzerz

Check it out

And, yes, this does seem to be related to another one of my older posts… WELL IT ISN’T!!!

how do you convert your songs to Mp3 because i need a Mp3 converter and you seem to be able to do that.

Searching “convert mp3” yields 34 (now 35) results, the most interesting of which are in this topic.

I Have a NG account. Its the same as here. so does starburst!

Yes’m. I do indeed have a Newgrounds account. I post Flash Animations occasionally and some audio files. But I use it mainly for the BBS.

I hate the BBS. Theres WAY to much cussing.

Edit: Levus, You cussed! o.O that makes me very, VERY sad.

I tend to avoid doing it here. But on Newgrounds BBS, yes - I tend to do it a lot. It’s really not THAT big of a deal.

To me, yes yes it is. Cussing makes me very, very sad.

That’s very weird. It’s pretty much the complete opposite for me. Most of the time it makes me laugh Such as in Family Guy, Two and a Half Men, or some comedy acts. lol
But if it’s meant in a bad way towards me, then yeah, I may get upset.

Indeed, but sometimes I wanna laugh when its aimed towards me though, sometimes I do!


I just Play SCGMD’s or Punk-o-matic 2. I do other stuff too like audio portal. Plus I have fears…

I haven’t gone on Newgrounds in a while.

I don’t have an account there. I haven’t been on there since, I don’t even KNOW. Who’s gonna start up SMBZ again?