Notessimo Doesn't work on iTouch

When i try to do notessimo on my iTouch i press play to get the add to go away and nothing happens. When I say open in a new window, it opens a blank window. Please fix!

I think the reason it wouldn’t be working is because the Flash Player you have on your iTouch isn’t updated enough to play Notessimo. At least, that’s my assumption.

i know this is off topic, but did you just get your i-touch for Christmas?

That would be my guess too.
EDIT: I tried it on my bro’s PSP and that was the problem.

Thats not a guess, you might have the updated Flash Player but not enough virtual memory.

I hope it’ll be able to work on the iTouch soon…somehow. I’m going to be buying one soon and making songs with that thing would be awesome.

If Starburst adds the download feature, you may be able to convert it into an app for your touch.

i think it might be, since its a hand held device, that it might have a lighter, hand held version of flash. also it may have something to do with the fact that it has a little “i” and was made by apple corp.

Why would it being made by apple have something to do with it? Or are you just making a stab at apple because you don’t like them?

He’s most likely just making fun of Apple.

ya. they havent made anything good since Apple1 and Apple2

Why do you not think the iPod Touch is not “good”.

it has potential, but it needs more. i have the screen to one somewhere in my room though. thats the only apple corp. object i own.

You have the screen?

i don’t own anything that comes from Apple.

The reason Notessimo does not work on an ipod touch is because of the Virtual Memory stored into the i-touch. Sometimes when going on certain sites with the i-touch, it takes in a lot of data like temporary files and such. My help would be to clear your cache and find a more secure internet connection (seeing that the slower the internet is, the harder it is to go onto sites etc.)

  1. Clear your memory cache
  2. Buy the iphone and use 3G
  3. Just use a computer (GOSH!)
    Hope i helped lol.

I just got on the internet with my Touch. And any form of flash doesn’t work on it… probably cuz it doesn’t have a flash player on it. So you can’t really play games with it. But aside from that, it’s gotta be on of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

dang, i really want one. beat me to i again killa!

Muahaha! You can’t beat me at anything!

yes i can