Notessimo's Weekly Poll

Welcome to the weekly poll! Notessimo now has an off-topic everyday life poll about anything…that is safe for the kids! (hlisten)
Anyway, this is the Notessimo Weekly Poll. Every week it’s going to change its question. Every week we’ll also accept ideas for next week’s question.
I think this is a good idea to give another reason on why to come here…probably a good activity to check up if your tired or in the morning.
So vote (Using the poll), comment (For the next week’s question), and observe the results.
It’s your choice, and it’s personal…so hope to see something new!

NOTE: Not all the questions will involve music or Notessimo. It’s an everyday, off-topic, and a diverse pollboard.

We’ll record post events here so you can see the past results.

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What is better?
Summer-------50% (5)
Winter--------50% (5)
Not listed----0% (0)

Which is better?
Swimming Pools-----28% (2)
Paintball Fights-----14% (1)
Notessimo----------14% (1)
All of the Above42% (3)
None---------------0% (0)

What’s your favourite game console? (Includes only those that are still “alive” today.)
PlayStation 2-----0% (0)
PlayStation 3-----50% (2)
Xbox---------------0% (0)
Xbox 360----------25% (1)
Gamecube---------0% (0)
Wii-----------------0% (0)
Computers--------0% (0)
DS-----------------0% (0)
DSi----------------0% (0)
All of them!------25% (1)
Thank you Kdiuldlea for the question!

What do you think about PictoChat?
I think it’s awesome.0% (0)
It’s got a point.---------11% (1)
I think it’s retarded.33% (3)
Somewhat okay.-------33% (3)
What is PictoChat?-----22% (2)
I don’t know.-----------------0% (0)

What would you rather be?
Famous----------------70% (7)
Rich--------------------30% (3)

[i]What smells better?
Lawn Moed Grass----------------0% (0)
Fresh Pastries (Any Kind)-------50% (2)
Car Fresheners-------------------0% (0)
It Just Rained--------------------50% (2)
It’s Something Else--------------0% (0)
I HAVE NO SMELL----------------0% (0)

Winter kicks ass. Summer is too hot! >:(

Summer to hot
Winter to cold
Fall and spring doesn’t even exist in NJ


New update with da new poll question? Answer da question asap!

Just keeping this poll alive! That’s all!

How bout a poll asking about a favorite game console? Or favorite instrument (In general, not just Notessimo)

Sure. We’ll use one of those as next weeks question.

Paintball fights: 1


Anybody gonna vote yet?

I have

i think its retarded in a good way (hlisten)

Ha. Yeah I chose pointless.

Suggestion: Next poll should say whether or not you were/are in marching band.

New question! Don’t blurt your answer til’ the poll is over! Every Wednesday is a new question!

Uhh…Roasty…look at the post above yours

Call it a rule but you shouldn’t blurt out your answer UNLESS the certain question has been adjourned.


WHAT? Neither? So average…like so last poll question.

BTW my B-day’s tomorrow. BUMP!

(Ima gonna have to buy a cake from Costco nao)