Nuse's songs


  1. A Sad Goodbye v1.5
  2. Distraught v1.5
  3. Utopia
  4. There Is A Place v2
  5. Nonhuman
  6. Golden Sands v1.6
  7. The Fall Season v2
  8. Midnight v1.5
  9. Raetazori
  10. Tempolo 2
  11. String Trio No. 3
  12. Hydrochord Infection
  13. The Winter Season: Angels Falling
  14. The Wet Season: Jungle Rain v2
  15. Twenty Laments
  16. SHARDS
  17. Le Palais
  18. Ocean Calling
  19. Downhill
  20. A Happy Ending
  21. Hillside Plea
  22. Twisted Ends
  23. Pianocussion


  1. Neoteric Flow, with QVX 797
  2. Overcome, with QVX 797
  3. Vultus Amoveo, with ixsetf
  4. Final Discovery, with QVX 797, remixed by Fire
  5. In Your Mind, with Sandalman3000
  6. Epic Triumph, with QVX 797, remixed by Fire


  1. Dota 2 Theme
  2. Hit the Road Jack
  3. Lux Aeterna
  4. Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme
  5. Unfinished #1 (Don’t Stop Me Now)
  6. Unfinished #2 (Cupcakes [Explicit])
  7. Unfinished #3 (Careless Whisper)

*In some songs, the volume/panning is all wonky.



Sorry museline, but even though that one song was good in it’s own right, you have to have at least five songs and have a mods permission before making a thread for your self. This will be locked, but if you follow my instructions, and continue making songs that good, this might be unlocked at a later time. But then, I’m not a mod, so I don’t really have any control over that. But personally, I think that once you get enough good songs, I would unlock this thread instead of making a new one.

Even though it’s going to be locked, great song!
The song would probably fit in here.

Thank you for your wonderful comments. (rock) I added two more songs to keep you happy. And I put the “I’m not gonna post all my songs at once” in red to make it more noticeable.

is not a mod



I agree with roast. Keep this thread going.

Sigh… though your songs are good, Ill have to lock and than delete this thread unless you can come up with 12 songs by friday, and I mean actual effortful songs, not crap.

12 songs Dan? I thought it was 5 quality songs.

I’m unlocking this thread so Muselline will be able to add his songs to the first post. He has enough songs, but hasn’t posted them.

Ok i added a few songs. Happy?

Why have you been holding back your songs? They’re not insane or anything, but they are good enough to post one at a time in their respective forums (I.E. Rock thread, Ambient Thread, etc.).

Uhh I dunno If I put them in different threads I will lose track of them whereas by putting them all in a neat list together is much better.

I know, but that’s no reason to not post them. Ah well it’s too late now, just keep posting great songs.

You know… you shouldn’t just post all your songs at once without giving some sort of info for each. Which is your favorite out of all of these?

The one at the top of the song list (which is coincidentally ordered by how good they are) which has ONE OF MY FAVOURITES written in green.
I don’t know what sort of information i should add, but it doesn’t matter as I cannot possibly match the amount of information you, and everybody else, have posted on their songs.
And thank you StarWars[XD] and everybody else for enduring my ear torture.

Those songs are way better than the normal. I think the only person that has less than 100 posts at this point and is better than you, Museline, is Ashleybass. And he is just amazing, some of his songs are comparable to Unknowned. But your songs are great! They are fun to listen to and are actually unusual due to everyone having a different writing style. Don’t get a swelled head, but I can see you being great after another month or so of pratice.

Thank you so much! (rock)
You deserve a gold star <^>

The gold star kinda failed.
Try this one:

Pretty good songs. Some were a little iffy but good. Forget which song but the high clarinet just sounded terrible, the tune was great but a different instrument is needed in my opinion.

Keep on composing.