Please, fix the Share button.

The Share button recently has been fucking up royally, and I can’t share my songs. It might be a google chrome problem, but I don’t know.

Also, with a certain Internet Explorer Browser, Notessimo doesn’t even work. WTF?

Nope. Everyone’s affected by the glitch. We’ll just have to wait for Starburst to do something.

Well, shit. I made an AWESOME song… at school. I need to e-mail it to myself. Fuck!

Did you not happen to see the announcement, WhiteFang?

No, Not WhiteFang, too. I thought he was one of us, but he’s now posting stuff about the share button! NOOO!!

He’s gone to the dark side … he’ll never come back. (The cookies are just too good over there.)

Well, it’s fixed now, so the complaining should stop.

Are you serious?

It broke. Again.

Son of a…

I think I just lost my boner.

Got it back?

Well, it was. Then it broke again.

:roll: My head hurtz.

strange…it worked yesterday, and then it happens again…it seems like it happens every other day…

We need a maths genius to figure this out … c’mon guitarskills we need you!

But I have to study (plus, Heartasword got a better score than me on a test :roll: )!

I got my first Summer exam result. 90% on geography. That is really bad.

I got a 92 on my Pre AP Biology test. Also got highest grade in the class on English test, a 99.

Wait a second, this isn’t the homework topic!

Well was it an official exam? Only official exam results count.