Please, starburst, get the midi converter working!

with this beast of a program, you can turn any midi in to a live orchestra. Im already drooling at the thought of The ocean or The Final Call.

OR, starwars, for your “rain” you can change only the rain sound effect to a . wav file of rain (it should truly be in .sf2 file format to allow it to go on forever (and not notice the pause between the notes)

Interesting, I might do that. Is this free?

It better be.

Oh wait I just realized the point of the title. This won’t work unless we have access to a way to convert Notessimo files into Midi, and the converter only does .wav files. As far as my internet searches have gone, you cannot convert Mp3 or Wav files to Midi format. So yeah, Star needs to fix the converter so we can do that asap.

yes, mainly this program. there are 100’s of programs (and sound effects), many of them comercial products, but this one is free. it also give you links to sites with all the sound effects (called sound fonts)

heres some

this place looks promising
havent tried this program yet, Ill see how it goes later.

so its free

He needs to fix the .mp3 converter too.

I think this might be the fender strat

and a choir

Actually no. I said that complex files like .wav and .mp3 cannot be read by a computer and therefore cannot be changed into the universal computer sound file commonly known as Midi. However there are ways to change wav to mp3 and back again, I use Audacity. Although it would be nice not to have to use a seperate program, it really isn’t that bad IMO to just get the file and feed it through the next converter.

I think he said that because, for me, I can’t convert any songs using the converter. sadly starburst hasn;t been on in almost a month. probably found anothr famous video game designer that he started a “project” with

also, i think I figured out a way top get mp3’s of the song without the converter. back in a minute…

YES!!! It worked!!! I now have There Is A Joy! And I did it without the converter

Ok… so Synthfont works… now all we need is starburst… or were doomed!

Here’s Mario paint using .sf2 files. it has something by Levus in there (If anybody can still remember him)

Sorry to b-b-b-break your combo but what is synthfont?

the program that uses soundfonts on midis to make the sound real.

Where do I find it?

Umm… i think I just how to use these on notessimo without a converter… this is gonna be awesome

I’ll test that link out when my computer isn’t being such a dickhead.

It better be awesome.

Go on…