Random things you've said

I thought of this thread due to the fact that on friday I told somebody that Im gonna shank them with my face.
so leave random stories about random things youve randomly done.


“Look! A squirrel!” victim looks away and I take something

That happened last year. These two girls (Kathryn and Katarina) were passing notes in class. My good friend Shamus and I were curious as to what they were talking about. I said to Katarina, “Look! A squirrel!” She was dumb enough to look. We were in a classroom lol. I grabbed the note and gave it to Shamus. The teacher didn’t care what we were doing, because he just didn’t. Unfortunately, the information was useless. They were talking about some party.

I was taking a test and I was REALLY nervous, so I randomly said “tit” and nobody knew it was me but everyone laughed.

“…and I wasn’t invited.:(”

It’s ok… i wasn’t either.
J-Roz might invite us to his though!
Guess what…

One time in a Random things you’ve said thread I posted some message about this one time I posted random things you’ve thread, not sure how it went exactly.

That hose looks…funny.


its a lie.

back on topic:

do chat rooms count?if so:

I have to sneeze! Kabethachoo!


I like how mods deleted the picture of the hose.

Don’t look at me I’m innocent. lol

Lol, maybe it was Heartadude, but whoever it was… They also got rid of GLaDOS.

Edit:Wait a minuet… It’s still there, it just says “Image” sometimes.

the hose is still there… GLaDOS is not there though…

Poor GLaDOS.

Back on topic lulz.
I’ve once said “Paper Turtles”

Last year, I requested never gonna give you up at a dance, directly after I yelled…
You all got rickrolled!

That must’ve been epic. In my school’s play last year (Back to the 80s), Never Gonna Give You Up was one of the songs that Tyler (the actor’s name) had to sing. I said we all got Ty-Rolled because his name is Tyler, not Rick.

LOL ! ty-rolled

I accidently yelled out LOL in stead of actually laughing at a joke…