Alright I just wanted to make this thread before this topic went insane because I felt that the way new threads have gone in this topic is as such:

“Hey I have a song I want to collab with please reply!”

“Hey I want to collab”

“Sweet let’s do it”

And then the thread is dead. To save the topic (and our moderators) a whole bunch of time, I wanted to just make a thread where you do that instead. Thus, this thread is the thread where you can ask and recieve answers for collabs, please do not create a new thread for just one song (honestly I feel that the wonderful new browse section is better for that than this anyway).

Just so that I’m not making a thread for no purpose, I do have a song I want someone to work on, and even though I can’t really work with said person, I will still be requesting it in the form of a collab (who knows, I may work on it a bit if it actually goes somewhere).


Basically this thread will work exactly like the forum one, just in a thread instead. I just don’t want to see a whole bunch of tiny threads being made that become worthless as soon as a deal is made, when the two people collabing will most likely just begin talking in private chats together for that purpose.

Note to moderators: I am fairly inexperienced with how the new notessimo works. If this is rejected by the people or by you, I’ll shorten this post to just include the song and my requesting someone collab with it. If accepted, I would prefer this being enforced lightly, although bans and warning points are not necessary, unless it is utterly disregarded. The criteria for this thread being disregarded is thus: A user, having knowledge of this thread, willingly creates his/her own thread for a request of collaboration without moderator approval, at which point a warning is issued and the user is informed of this thread. After three offences a point is issued.

Let me know in the comment section what you think about this thread and if you think it should exist or if we should continue as is, I know that without new threads this topic will mostly be barren but I still would like to think that a few number of threads with multiple posts (such as the commcollab thread) is less barren than a lot of threads with few posts. For more major collaborations involving more people, or if the collabers choose to have their conversation in a public thread rather than privately (which would open up constructive criticism WHILE the song is being made and save the private messages for things that really need to be private), threads may be made (please make a reference to this being the case in the original post, to avoid confusion. No moderator permission is required for threads of this type). But to just throw out your song and see if anyone wants to help you on it, I feel that should be a thread itself, just to avoid clutter. Thank you for your time.


Yes, but are you still dead?

No he’s kinda ded.

In retrospect I should also have added that if this thread is not accepted I would suggest that after a collab thread is unneeded, you could mark the thread for either deletion or locking (though you’d have to specify why it’d need to be locked instead of deleted). Again, my whole point is just to keep the topic tidy and clean.

Also this: http://www.notessimo.net/page/browse/songs.html/_/electronic/dance/non-anthem-for-the-free-hero-for-starwars-r71207

Double post but I can’t finish this anymore ;_;

Someone else want to take it?



This post has been withdrawn.

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I’m stuck on this song.

now that I have finished my part on the ACC and finished Decent.

I request someone to help me cover:

Click to expand

Here it comes:Open Your Heart - Crush 40


sorry, Ace, but i’m terrible at making covers.

Can someone help me on this?: http://www.notessimo.net/page/browse/songs.html/_/electronic/chiptune/might-be-a-chiptune-collab-r71624

Sounds fun, where do I sign up?

Just PM the person who requested the collab.


Does anybody want to remake this with me in a collab?


Cool song.

Does anyone want to remake aforementioned song with me?

Which one?

This one, Aliens.

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