Rock Thread (Original)

lolololol What’s a Rick-roll?

Gasp! How can you not know what a Rick Roll is?
Well then, visit the link in this post of Hypo’s and see for yourself:

I have to agree, that Rick Roll thing is really annoying. Especially since it asks you like 3 things just to leave the site.


I’m baffled as to why no one has thrown out an “EA [Sports BIG]” just yet.

I was thinking it.

Too easy?

Really now?

Finally finished that darned song:

Weekend ~ Executive Bo-Blitz (Final Version)

Done argueing about rick roll yet? No? Well heres something else to argue about…

Say you cover a song… but the song you cover is a song you wrote in real life? Does it count as a cover? Yes? Well not anymore.
WARNING: This song contains the most badass bass beat (hlisten) , the most awesome guitar riff (rnote) , and the epicest drums :mrgreen: your FRIKING mind can handle.

Sheet 22 is intense (computer wise too!) just a warning

Great song Roastmaster

WOW! Epic song Roastmasters. There’s nothing else left to say other than epic, marvelous, and duck.

Damn, that was insane!!


You guys say Roastmaster’s song was good, but I was the only one who rated it a 5.

Shame on you…

Wow thanks guys… especially anthony, I cant believe the creator of techno vs rock rated my song 5 crys

We really need a blushing smily

← You mean that one?

meh… I don’t rate, but it was great

A few parts could’ve been cut short or out, but nothing really threw the good stuff off. That bridge near the end was bitter sweet.~

We’re praising him more than Hypo!
That is an achievement!

Secret Achievement Unlocked: Praise someone more than Hypo
25.7 Gamerscore

i literally spent about 1/2 of the time on this one compared to my last one,

Heres another song I plan on writting in real life in a bit, i just find it easier and more fun on notessimo for some odd reason.
It starts out as just a basic drum beat and yet another incredibly badass bass beat, but by the last minute or so it explodes into a melodic mosh pit, containing a bunch of carefully organized chords from about 5 different instruments, hence melodic.

If you listen to the first minute and got bored cause you expect a gaint metal-palooza, at least listen to the whole thing cause 3/4ths of that 1/2 i mentioned earlier went into the last 1/3 of the song.

Fractions are fun aren’t they? :mrgreen:

Dont worry the goosebumps will go away in a few hours (hlisten)

dude, roast, enough of the bragging. its funny some times but not EVVVERY SINNNGLE POST! its not that good to waste space. your songs are good not great. as are mine. i have but a pinchful and a half of epic songs but i dont brag (unless that counts). Even if I do, it doesnt take up an equivelant of two friggin posts!