Sandalman's Hall of Songs: Achieving Mirth 6/12/12

The ‘sequel’ to Lost.

Featured Song
Achieving Mirth (Pop-Rock)
Previous feature was Lost (Hard Rock/Metal)

Lost (Hard Rock/Metal)
Take My Time (Rock with Organ solo)
Far Off(Pop-ish rock ft. bass)
Chronicles (Violin and trumpet masterpiece)
The Epic (Thrash Metal)
The Dark Hour (A special thanks to Slippy)
Identity Zero (Techno)
Counting Down (Peaceful lullaby)
Turn Around (Rock/Techno) My personal best
Unnamed Voices
Here he comes. (Techno)
Credence (Most violin parts by Hypo)
Slipping Away
Back to the Wall(Metal)
Eternal Night (Personal Favorite)
Spring in the East (Orchestral Song)
Tuba Boss Song (RPG song)

In Your Mind (Museline) Favorite

If you’re Happy and You Know It
Frosty the Snowman

Wake Me Up When September Ends
She’s a Rebel
Basket Case
Through The Fire And Flames

Video Game Music
Beauty of Annihilation
Banjo Tooie: Witchy World Theme

Reviews/criticism wanted.

Nice songs Sandalman! The vocals in Basket Case sounded out of key, though.

Your songs are awesome!

Added Credence part of the string parts in layer 1 and the 2 out of 3/ 1 of 2 bass string chords are by him I added the lower notes.
Metal Guitar drums and bass guitar and slur string and organ by me.

Demise Is Served Early wasn’t what I expected it to be. The transition to the faster parts were a little wierd
Pokemon Original didn’t really sound like a Pokemon song to me. However, I liked the end part with the violin and how it was high!
The classics were great! Even though Christmas is well over, I still listened to Frosty, and it sounded spot on! If Your Happy and You Know It was the best sounding one I’ve heard from you today. Short and simple.
I didn’t listen to any other songs of yours though.

The transition is supposed to be out of nowhere. And thanks the Pokemon song all my friends say is a song they would expect to happen when your fighting an important guy.

it doesn’t sound like one of those songs. It almost sounds like a special cave type area (Ruins of Alph in GSC or Power Plant from RBY comes to mind)

Yep when I made that I aimed for an ominous sound.

Added Credence and Slipping Away

You should work on a new one

I have but I wasnt able to use the computer for about the past month so that delayed me.

omg “Wake me up when September Ends” is awesome!!!

Just made a new song completely by myself just on Notessimo (Some songs I made on GP first) Been almost a year, some repetitive parts but I’m happy with it.

Cause I know some people are lazy.

Pretty good. The ending was kinda abrupt, though.

I like that song! Good work!

PS Congratz on 101th birthday!

Thank you, wooo I’m 101 today. I ate an entire cupcake (big one) paper and all, got two 2 litters of sunkist, 5 boston cremes, and a broken phone. then I’m going to get 1 year of XBL and 1600 MSP.

posting so I have a reason to post and so this is in my posts :3

Couldn’t even listen to Eternal Night and comment? Woo just added a new song to the least replied to song thread.

I listened to your new song. More of a background song than a listen to song. Like if you’re in the East it’s Springtime you could play this in the background.