Silly Things You've Done On These Forums...

What was the silliest/dumbest thing you’ve done on the Notessimo forums? We all have something to say. I’ll start.

One time, I embedded 6 songs in one post. Hypo (or some other mod) got mad at me and started ranting about one embed per post.

And there was the night of a hundred posts. Jan and I were using the forums like a chatroom. We kept jumping threads and talking about random stuff.

My signature…

Yeah. I clicked on it and had the worst Rick-Roll in a long time. Good one Anthony

the time I had a temper tantrum in the video games songs topic. It was waaaaaaay back when

i flooded the Guitar Hero Forums. i also caused mass confusion on there by saying i was going to DDoS their site.

I talked rubbish and am a loser (hlisten)

I joined.

But I don’t regret it.

I havent done MUCH… I got caught by AFB 2 times in the requests topic, i think 3 actually. also getting pissed at the my songs/progress outbreak lately thing but it really is flipping my shit.

I haven’t really done a lot of stupid things on Notessimo…I got my post moved by AFB once…

Every once in a while, I’ll go to the middle of a thread and spell-check a random post, just to see if anyone notices. So far, it’s gone undetected. Let’s see if that continues now that everyone knows about it.

I thought everyone’s grammar was just improving with the advent of Elutherius.

Also, I further gray the line between use and abuse of power as I borderline-troll this forum on a nearly per post basis. And now that I’ve mentioned it out loud, let’s see if anyone notices that.

I’ve done some of that, too. So far, I don’t think anyone has noticed.

The worst thing I’ve ever done on these forums was participate in the night of a hundred posts with fishrocker.

IDK really… I do alot of stupid things… anyone narrow it down for me?

I like to mess with boards by paint. You know the Prt Scr, where you can copy your entire screen and just mess with it on paint? I’ll show you an example if I can.

OH the quad post would be a good one!

can’t forget The Curse…

Obama should grow an afro



i had a quintuple post…

We’ll be needing a six pack post before our lives are complete.

I suppose the silliest thing I’ve done on this forum is join while in the middle of one of my writing/vocabulary study periods. If we’re talking all of Notessimo, tagging myself as a slab o’ government jargon- Base Period High Quarter -through my songs could count.