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Any and all titles within the “Unfinished/Abandoned” category are up for grabs unless stated otherwise.

Title Markers
Titles marked with a * only play on-key in the old player.
Titles marked with a + may be remixed/remade in the future.
Titles marked with a ~ are very short. (Less than 30 sec)
Titles marked with a ! are parodies, meant to poke fun at this website. Please don’t be offended, I don’t mean any harm.
All titles are now marked by year.

music tumblr

I am not a musician. I do not understand music theory and cannot read sheet music. I am doing all of this by ear and based on what I think sounds good.
My behavior in early responses to this thread reflect the mindset of a different time, and doesn’t mirror my current attitude or behavior.
I do not condone the redistribution or editing of my tracks without permission unless they are marked as “Unfinished/Abandoned”

Personal Favorites
Warm Bread (Toast Man’s Theme) + 2009
RPG: Across the Open Sea + * 2009
RPG: Overworld Vehicle + 2010
Nature Wager * + 2010
Quiet Days in the Holy Sanctuary (No Dreams recycle) 2009
Septette for the Dead Princess 2009
Whatever Forever 2016

Untitled Short (more snyth) * 2009
JOKER 2009
Milk Tea (w/lazy ending) 2009
Dying Samurai (Completed version of Made In China) + 2009
RPG: Hero’s Hometown + 2009
RPG: Minor Item Jingle ~ 2009
RPG: Normal Battle Victory ~ 2009
RPG: We’re In Danger! 2009
RPG: Major Item Jingle ~ 2009
RPG: Villain Theme (Updated) 2009
RPG: Game Over ~ 2009
Unnamed Song ~ 2009
ZER0 (random solo thing) 2009
RPG: King’s Death 2009
Sega Genesis 2009
Bored Bit Overdrive + 2009
Generic Rock ! 2009
Empty Throne Room + 2009
Pretty Bird * + 2009
Some Loop I Guess * ~ 2009
The Original Rock Thread ! 2009
CoffeeBot * 2009
Moonstorm + 2009
Drum Contest Entry ! 2009
Tails Turrosaki’s Day Off 2009
Mangoman * 2009
Tony 2009

Reminder ! ~ 2010
The Stomach * 2010

Just Cymbals * 2011

Dubai 2016

Mangoman (Fast Version) * + 2009

FUNtitled Short 2012 * 2012

Human Sacrifice Alice (INST) * 2008
Dark Woods Circus (INST) * 2008

MM9: Splash Blue (Splash Woman’s Stage) 2009
MM9: Plug Electric (Theme of Plug Man) 2009
MM9: Jewel Temptaion (Jewel Man’s Stage) 2009
Night Of Night 2009 (youtube only)
I’ma Bubble Man * 2009
Touhou Piano Adventure 2009

Rubrum Infidelis 2012

Secret Undertale Guy 2016
Snow World 2016
Septette 2016

Lurker Collaboration ! 2009
Lurker Collaboration #2 ! 2009
Lurker Collaboration #3 ! 2009
Bears in Space (extension of an Up For Grabs title by Sandalman) ! 2009

Box (Unfinished) 2009
RPG Desert (abandoned rough) + * 2009
No Dreams (abandoned rough) 2009
Bowl of Chili (abandoned rough) ~ 2009
Decorum (abandoned rough) 2009
Black Bee White Hive (abandoned rough) 2009
Lurker Collaboration #4 (abandoned rough) * ! 2009
Buzz Buzz (Abandoned) * 2009
DWC: Journal of the Little Miss (abandoned) 2009

Default (Abandoned) ~ 2010

Out of Practice (abandoned) * 2012
Crabby (unfinished) 2012

New Piano? Okay ~ 2016
Squarewave With Too Much Reverb ~ 2016
Death by Glamour 2016
Lucid Dream 2016
Toink 2016
Secret Words 2017

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Ugh… too much to fix when it’s so early in the morning. A new, unnessicary(I know I spelt it wrong) thread, and 3 embeds in one post. But, it’s 2:25 in the morning… I’ll fix this later when I’m not 3/4 asleep lol
The songs are good though, but don’t embed more than one each post. Use URL’s if you have more than one song.

OK, I’ll remember that. Sorry…

Song 1 - Sheet 5 is awesome.
Song 2 - Good, but it sort of fell apart at the end.
Song 3 - Awesome. Really. Standout track.

Nice songs. Impressive.

nice songs

Bah, I know… I wish I coulda fixed that. But I can’t be arsed to at this point. XD

Thanks for the nice comments everyone <3

EDIT: I don’t know how to categorize my songs… I’ll put them here until I figure it out. Sorry if this is making a big problem… but I’ll fix it later, I promise. I’m just putting this demo here so I don’t lose it.

The demo is nice

Thank you. :3

As long as you make enough songs, I believe that you can make this your own thread and it will stay up.

Well, if that’s the case then I do believe I’ll repost this one here!

Keep making more, you need more than four.

It’s my time to rhyme.

Nice song sky. Well, except for that last piano chord… 8-)

Yeah, that was just me being lazy

I’m working on another one at this time, so I’ll be adding it later on… behehe

A new preview for my Centaur Man arrange!


Sounds nice so far!

Thank you!

The reason this is taking so long is because I’ve been kind of going back and forth with it, taking long breaks to do my art projects. I’ll get back to making songs the way I was before when I finish with all this extra stuff.

Thanks for being awesome, gais.

What do you mean, “art projects”?

probably a project for the extra course you have to take.(your choice of activity.)

Comics and contest entries :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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