Solutions for glitches: Random gaps appearing during song playback and unresponsive notes.

Problem #1: Random gaps appearing during song playback
When a random two measure gap appears during the playback of a song, simply pause the song and play it again to fix the problem. Alternatively, clicking on all the song’s sheets will remove the playback gaps.

Problem #2: Unresponsive notes
Sometimes, you will encounter a problem where your notes are unresponsive. In other words, you cannot select, delete or move them. This problem arises when you scroll to the very bottom of Notessimo. It is a visual glitch; the notes are actually responding to deletion and movement (however, movement will result in deletion) but the image of the note remains. A quick play and pause of your song will remove this illusion.

yea, this will be helpfull to newcomers!


it also happens to my songs too

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You should have also read the threads stating that: “You should read this before posting in the forums”
It tells you to search for a glitch before you post a ‘new’ glitch, this is a very old glitch and in fact there are most likely multiple threads for this one glitch.
Please search for your glitch before posting it, this way you may get an instant answer and you will have helped in preventing the forums from becoming cluttered.
It was helpful, but if you had 3 minutes to spare, you will find that just about any glitch has it’s own thread, with an answer.
Worst comes to worst and you cannot find it, PM an active mod, they will be glad to help you.

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Lol, did you read it? He’s giving out solutions for glitches, not asking for them.

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This topic could be helpful to newcomers, but several hindrances are keeping it from being so. I have edited the thread title and OP to improve the clarity of AlienExist’s solutions.

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My point is, that those glitches have already been answered in their respective threads, however, Anthony’s Solution will hopefully make the solution more obvious to newcomers.

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