Song Finisher

Someone submits an unfinished song and people have to try and finish it. Then the best finished piece will win.


Don’t submit an unfinished song until the previous competition is over.
When submitting an unfinished song, all sheets that you have worked on must be showed.
The unfinished song must not be more than 20 bars long (of unique sheets).
You can’t finish off your own unfinished song.
The finished song must be two to four minutes long.
No sharing your songs until the Song Expiry Date, and it has to be finished.
You cannot enter unless you are signed up.
You must have “SF1 - [anything in here]” as your song title. The name must be “[your name] from ashley bas10”

Competition: Tuesday March 30th 2010
Sign-Up Deadline: Tuesday April 6th 2010
Song Expiry Date: Tuesday April 13th 2010
Unfinished Song: ?id=43701 by ashley bas10
Competitors: Muselline, Kamarai, pikminman44.

not that bad of an idea

thats actually a really good idea…

how did i not think of that?

lets get this party started!!!

Ok I’m in. Edited first post.

Quick guys, you’ve only got a week to sign up, and then another week to make your song. I’m already finished my song! Oh and read the rules.

What happens if no one want to finish the song?
and this is ok but I am not a big fan of that genre and would like to wait for a different song
can we have more than one at once please

Well if no-one wants to finish a song we’ll just get another one.
I’m sure we could have more than one song at once.

Sign me up. Ive already started working on it

mind if i sign up? sounds like a good idea! :roll:

neat idea

It was good until you added the Fender Strat Guitar.

You should take that out, It doesn’t really mix with the Harpsichord you added.

i wanted to apologize for sharing my song early. I will delete the post and share it at the required date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  1. No more people can enter.
  2. Pik, your song’s still on. April 13th is the date you can post it. It also has to be finished.
  3. Make sure the name and author is correct. See the last rule.
    Sorry for so many rules but it could be easy for someone to cheat then.

Can I say something? I want to post the next unfinished song so no one else jump me on that. Thanks.

Well you can always use your mod-powers to kick their ass.

Its sad but true that he could do that


Yeah I wonder if I should make the next competition 10 days to do the song instead of 14.

lol im the 44229th song (which is the last song shared according to the number of songs) but mine doesnt show up on the browse list as the last song & the last song wont appear