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Okay I’m going full vanilla with my new world. Hostile mobs and everything. No /give either.

I like the look of cobble, though D:

Will hostile mobs be enabled?

I’d rather you let us give ourselves everything, or nothing at all. The rules just seem very strict, I wouldn’t know how many bookcases, redstone items etc. I could give before I have to craft them myself.

I look forward to playing. Greatly.

This would be nice to know.

I agree with Muse. The survival aspect of the game would be lost because we could just spam the /give command. It’s either a “creative” version of SMP or the original SMP with mobs enabled.

Anything in the group 2 category would be in the case of you already have a lot of the item (such as redstone) and run just short, and you should only give yourself the necessary value to complete it. Just use your own judgement on that, and for the most part, I would prefer you mined it naturally. I just see no problem with having the proper tools for the job, as that will have no effect on the buildings themselves, only the time it takes to get the materials. And I would prefer that any gold and diamond I mine to be used for blocks instead of tools, it just seems to be a waste of the incredibly valuable minerals.

I can turn on hostile mobs if you guys want them on, but my own view on it is no.

Oh, and the IP has already been changed once. New one is in the OP.

Wow, another change. I noticed kyle was on, sorry if my bad internets disconnected you.

Sorry if I keep disconnecting…I have a problem with my laptop and it turns off randomly.

NEW RULE check the OP

Can you make structures partly out of cobble?

The rule on cobble is just to not use /give to make a full structure, if you mine the cobble you can use it for anything. Any cobble you use /give for can be used for minor decorations, I.E. I used it to line my front stairs. Partial structures are fine.

I either check at the wrong times…
Or this is never up.
The past few days I’ve checked, it’s not on throughout the entire day. :D

Star doesn’t want us to go on it.

Why not?

(I’m just pressurizing him)

Sorry guys I’ve just been super busy with video editing for the Bricks4Kidz brickfilm (literally, I was up till 4 last night editing the video footage). Server’s up now!

Server’s outdated, apparently - you need to d/l the 1.7_02 update for the server software as well as the client.

Sorry, I missed the update. Back up now

New IP!

What about slime balls? Or did I miss them in the post?