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on tv last nights doctor who was awsome were it was 2 doctors to bad dona had to have her mind wiped vidio only will be only avilible for 1 week i think any other doctor who fans



Excuse me…


Who else here watched the marathon, or at least some of it?

Wipeout and Two and a Half Men are the best

I’ve been watching Malcolm in the Middle since it was put on Nickelodeon

I used to watch Malcolm in the Middle when it first came out.

Nothing beats Family Guy

I don’t know why I didn’t. I was probably too young and wouldn’t have understood it.

Futurama is coming back

Seriously! awesome

I love Family Guy and South Park, but alas…I’m not aloud to watch them… I watch UFC! Friends, Yes Dear, and Seinfeld! Funny Stuff!


I’m not allowed to watch South Park, but I don’t know about Family Guy. Well, not like I’d want to watch them anyway. And Seinfeld is EPIC!

did anyone watch thje History Channel’s “Woodstock: Now & Then”? it was very interesting!

No…? (rock)

i like royal pains, anyone else?


Warehouse 13 anyone? or Samurai Jack??

i’ve watched them b4, at friends houses and stuff…Code Monkey anyone?

yes, code monkeys is awesome