Super Mario 64 - Water Theme by The Apocoloptocopter

I tried my best to make this song and here it is.
Original (extended)
I didn’t add bass after sheet five so its not very great.
Delete Sheet 0 for infinite loop!
Update 1.3: added high drums in sheet 5 to fit with sheet 6.
Update 1.2: Changed a few notes in sheet 4.


Tell me how I did on this song, I worked nonstop (if you don’t count going to the bathroom eating and sleeping;P). And I will continue Moon Over the Castle soon.:slight_smile:

This is the absolute best cover I have ever seen of this song, so many memories! Five stars, following, and liked. Thank you!



There are only three words to describe this:

“20,000 Percent Cooler!!!” :smiley:


I like it, but there are so many other covers that it’s hard to compare…

From the covers I’ve seen, they never finished the song, so, I am the first one to create the full song.
Unless I just never found it.


Also, It’s nice, but there’s plenty of mistakes but I’m too lazy to point them out.

I thought I did pretty good other than the strings, and I also didn’t put in a bassssssline after sheet 5.
Oh and from the mistakes you are too lazy to point out minor or major.

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Do you need some cough drops?

I haven’t heard the true song in forever, since I can play it on piano. However, I admit, that’s a very faithful reproduction of it. Is it purely the song, or is it remixed a bit? Because I know a semi-remixed version of it, but it sounds better remixed on the piano.

No, it’s not a remix at all, well unless you count the extended part where it doesn’t fade out the whole song but just everything that is not the rhodes.

I love it. I love you.
My #1 favorite song.


Id say 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000%