No, this isn’t about spongebob… sadly

I would like to know the normal thought process of people, because mine is messed up.
I don’t know if its a good idea to describe mine, though. Should I?

My first question is: how do you respond to, say, a really cool explosion in a movie? Do you think, “that was cool”? Or do you think something more? Something less?

Because mine is a little different then that…

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If the explosion killed people, most kids would be like “FUCK YEAH THAT WAS AWESOME”, because they can’t comprehend the fact that the explosion killed people. That’s why kids buy CoD. They can’t comprehend the subject of death. Adults will be sad for the people that knew the person.

umm… okay? But what are you’re words in your head while you’re thinking something, like, “aw, dang it, someone died”?

If I saw someone die in a movie, I’d be like “FUCKKK YEAHH”, because I can’t comprehend the sadness of someone dying. Lol

If it were in a movie, I wouldn’t really care about people dying. To be honest I hate those really emotional movies about people dying.
I might be really twisted or something, but I love disaster/dystopian movies and large-scale deaths give me a thrill. (But not in real life.)


What about family/friends dying?

It seems I can’t word myself correctly. I meant more of what goes in your mind during any everyday thing. Let us change the example.
Let’s go a few years in the future and you now have to get groceries. What would your thoughts be on reminding yourself what to get? is it," I better makes sure to grab milk and eggs", or is it something else?

Well yeah. I’d just think “I definitely need to get milk and bread. Maybe cereal too, and those steaks look nice. Ooh, marshmellows”. What would you do?

I’d have an inner dialogue, like I’m having an interview with someone, asking me what I’m going to buy.

My mind would be blank. I would count my money, see how much I have, run to the store, buy all the stuff I like instead of the stuff I need with the money I have, then leave. When I got home(If I had I wife), I’d be like “WTF WAS I THINKING?!?!”

I have lots of inner dialogue with myself. It’s normal.

Have you ever had a 5 way conversation with people, and then get insulted by yourself and not expect it? It was pretty funny, but creepy nonetheless…

Ooh. I think I know now.

For school work, I can’t just sit there and take it all in, I either have to learn it with music(so I can remember it) or work with my hands a little. I can’t remember stuff if I work in a group either, because everyone else goofs off and has no idea what to do and then expects me to help. -.-

I remember by visualizing entire scenarios…

Not what I meant

I meant That I have conversation with people in my head. They will last hours, and sometimes I have no idea what the other person is going to say.

Well people’s mind work differently. You could have multiple personality disorder or something? Idk.

Is that how you memorized the Pokemon theme song?

I’m a horrible explainer.

My mind is so RANDOM. I find myself thinking of the most random things. I host talk shows in my head about pointless stuff. Back as an eight-year-old, I imagined I was a dinosaur from The Land Before Time. I can go from thinking about an epic song to having an MLP pic stuck in my head in .0003 seconds. (Curse you curiosity…)