The Mixup Game!


  1. Write a word, 6-12 characters long OR a sentence (12-24 characters long) (NO PLURAL) (ie. Booger)
  2. The next person takes that word re-arranges it into a completely different word or sentence (ie. Booger >> Goober)
  3. This continues. The person has to try as hard as they can to re-arrange it, but if they give up, they can state that they give up, and make a new word that is 6-12 characters long OR a sentence (12-24 characters long) (NO PLURAL) (ie. Fractal Slender)
  4. And so on, it continues… re-arranging. (ie. Fractal Slender >> Flandre Scarlet)

Have Fun!

I’ll start.

First person must re-arrange…

“The Can Land”

Nuse’s addition:

Try to make your phrase have a solvable anagram for the other person to guess. The next person does not have to solve it but can make up their own solution.

“And the Clan”


love choco kiazsa (???)


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Ace feces, eh?

Why no plurals?
Also some cruel person could deliberately make up a hard word.


“Ah, Slayin’ PAX”

mix : “Universe”

You didn’t answer my question?

No plurals because it just makes it too easy.
Use plurals if you want.

Okay uhh…

“Open Sessame”

sea mess? nope.

“Sure vine”


“Assassin” hmm…


As Ass Sins.


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Fort Tide(u)…?
I’m really bad at this…

(Try to go for smaller words)
“Duet for it”


Duet for it…

Do we have to use ALL the letters?

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Oh, wettest hole revealed, a slut!

Sorry that was rude.

Anyway, I’m sure we do have to use every word.


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Thy Smhr? (th - I - Sch - mur)

I really can’t get anyrhing out of these words…


Red oysters

Au Clair de la Lune

all care dune lui-A(aaah!)

This is a sentence.

Atheist Incenses

I like wasting your time.