Okay so I while I want this thread to be in a beta-esque mode right now to see if it works, I want to make it clear that all votes put into this poll towards songs nominated WILL count towards the songs being featured. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Rules for nomination:

  1. No real rules here, just any user may nominate any song. That includes a user’s own work (as this has been an issue brought to me three separate times).

Rules for voting:

  1. Each songs has two options: yes and no. If you wish to abstain from voting on a particular song for any reason, please select both options to indicate your votes and help us understand how many votes we will be getting to get more accurate data. A selection of both yes and no does not affect a song’s eligibility for feature.
  2. A song must reach 10 positive votes to be featured. A song must also reach 10 negative votes to not be featured (those two numbers are subject to change, so check here often!)
  3. A song which has been renominated needs 15 positive votes to be featured, and only 5 negative votes to be taken off the poll. Any such song will have this indicated next to it’s spot on the poll.

Rules for featured songs:

  1. If you wish for an updated version to be featured, please edit the original post, as multiple features of the same song, albeit the differences in the update, are not allowed. However, remixes of previously featured songs (or new covers of previously featured covers of the same song) may be featured.

Rules for re-nominating failed songs:

  1. Indicate that the song you have nominated has been requested previously in your post, if at all possible.

Again, let me know if you have any questions, the rules are all subject to change until we find a system that works well. And to kick things off, how’s about I request a few songs from last month that I wanted featured but weren’t able to make it:

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Can you vote for your own songs? (I don’t mean nominate, I mean vote)

Yes, of course you can. I believe that was in my news thread rules thing. Basically, if what you have is not covered by the rules I have set, then you can do it, although your question is very helpful anyway. I just didn’t want to have a whole bunch of pointless rules.

Baccarat by Malice.
Fairy Tale by Clearwater Sapphire.

There has to be a way to make voting more engaging…

Is there a way to hyperlink poll choices?

No, that can’t be done.


i really like this new method. kinda makes me want to take a lil break from fl, and produce a tad with notessimo.

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Hm…not enough people are voting…the only song everyone has bothered to vote on is True Friend…

How about after a certain amount of time if a song has more yes than no then it gets featured?

You’re shitting me, right?

What do you mean?

is 8 votes “Not enough votes”?

Guess I should be more patient.

There. I finally voted (procrastination). I only voted yes on two of 'em, but there you go.

Well the real problem is that while In My Defense has 9 votes yes atm, it has 3 negative votes, so it really needs 4 more yes votes. I just don’t know where to get those votes from.

Perhaps 10 is too high a number to strive for. Maybe we should settle for a slightly smaller max; this system just isn’t getting the fuel it needs yet.

I thought that ten affirmative votes was all a song needed. The rules don’t mention any deductions, only that ten votes against would remove the nomination.

Deductions seem to be the main problem here. Because the downvotes are bringing down the upvotes, the song is unable to reach its goal of ten votes, thus holding back its chances of getting featured yet again. It would take up to 10 upvotes to outvote the downvotes, meaning this is an uphill battle.