The Notessimo RPG

Hi everyone,

As you could have read in my status update, I’m gonna try making a RPG based on notessimo. A story about music and you guys as the characters (and your music of course). So I thought I’d make this topic, so you guys could help me with ideas. First of all, I’m gonna use RPG Maker VX Ace (So it’ll be pokémon style). I’ve watched a lot of tutorials on youtube and I’ve been messing with it to learn the basics, but this’ll be my first real project (so please don’t expect too much from it).
These are the ideas I had, suggestions are very welcome!


You’re new on notessimo and you hear something about The Unfinished Collaboration. It was once wrote as an ode to Starburst, the king of notessimo, but it got lost. You want to help everyone to finish it. So you’re gonna look for it and try to finish it.


As I already said, you guys are gonna be the characters. I’m still not sure how I’m gonna do that. I was thinking: Some notessimembers are important in the story and some are just villagers or something, I hope that’s okay. But I’m afraid I’ll forget some active members… Also I was thinking of some clans, like The Vegetables with Carrot as their leader and Blarg who’s the leader in the Temple of Touhou. Again, suggestions are very welcome!

I know I’m forgetting something, but I don’t know what, so that’ll come later.
Oh right, this is not the only thing I forgot but: You’ll play a newbie, not any of you guys, but some of you are gonna be able to join the party of the main character.


xD I’m the leader of the TOUHOU CLAN!! Make sure to include 4in1, CtelinAjira, and Spooktrum.

Coming soon: Youtube channel with game updates! First vid will just be the first cutscene. I’m working on that now, but what I want to do with Nuse doesn’t work ;p

Sounds neat! Looking forward to see how this pans out.

Me too ;p Just wanted to make this clear: It’s more meant to be fun then a real game! What I mean is that it’s all done by myself, I’m still learning, so don’t expect amazing things! I don’t want to be working on this for too long (And I guess you don’t want to wait for too long)

Ah wanaa bwe a bousss. AH WANAAA BWE A BOUSS.

Will this be a flash game on the internet?

It’ll probably be downloadable.

Who’s gonna make the music?

plus, I don’t really care where you put me, as long as I’m noticable. :3

Wow, that’s AWESOME! Very excited to see how this turns out.
Um… this feels slightly awkward asking but… Could I maybe be a hermit woman or something (character-wise)? If not that, maybe Rebel Llama Leader? It’s okay if you can’t do that though. Sorry if I’ve misread anything.

Maybe ClearwaterSapphire can be my girlfriend (lol jk)

OHGODNOPLEASEDON’T. (Am I kidding? ;))

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I could make some 8bit music!

That’d be cool. Catrox can cover the 8bit. (It’s not for me to say… Just reccomending)

  1. Cool, a game-making software named after me!
  2. What will make this game unique? (As in, how will it be played?)

It’s an RPG. People will play it.

(Plus, My friend LOVES RPG’s)

What are the enemies gonna be? Bots?
Also, do you mind if I make some character concepts for you?

Maybe we could draw some enemys as ideas…


I’m gonna use notessimo music, I think it’ll start with nuse’s Utopia. The game comes with like 30 different kinds of enemies, and I’m not smart enough to make them myself. So it’ll be spiders and goblins and shit. Clearwater don’t worry, I had different ideas for you and Aliens. Clearwater’ll run an animal farm (no llama’s, sorry) and Aliens will be a bard, but with a secret…