This is a thread about making a collaboration with all active members of notessimo. Remember, read it all.

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Added a nice beat to it…

The Song

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Wait do we have a schedule going on? We can’t just randomly add to the song. Maybe we could have a list of people who want to add to the song by order?

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Edit: Now that I’ve listened to the song, I have some things to say.

I don’t really like the intro, it’s just too basic (like the one in Neotoric Flow).
I would love something like the intro of Tempest, or something epic.

Measures 5,6,7,8 sounded terrible. :{

The drums were great.

Oh and also can we start on A instead? D doesn’t really work.

Sorry! Just my thoughts.

Facepalm Facepalm Facepalm (We really need an emoticon for that)

I had this intro stored away for a collab with Kaveman that sorta fell through (seeing as he’s no longer active)

It’s in F minor, which isn’t what we agreed on (the Flats are Bb, Ab, Eb and Db), and the tempo differs (but personally I think anywhere between 120 and 180 is perfect, as when I wrote this I only set it to 90 to help give the intro it’s slow feel)

We could easily build an epic song off of this and there are quite a few directions we could go. May not be the simplest song but I think it’s a good start.

Oh and Nuse, I’m a little iffy on a schedule. How did you guys do derp?

Well I just wouldn’t really know if someone was working on the song or not.

I was actually offered to help finish it with DD12…(i’m not working on it…)
But i do know its on ‘hold’ for the meantime…

Well, we could do one of two things: either come up with a huge list of users who are willing to work on this and follow that, or make a rule that whenever you do edit the song, you only use one layer and one instrument (with the whole drum set counting as one instrument). That would make a re-edit easier for whoever does it (which would be me, seeing as I suggested it and already did the intro). Your choice though.

That’s what I was thinking. It would be neat and organized!

Im up for this, i guess.

TBH id prefer if everyone made a song that they think comemorates Notessimo V2 and we just made this a collection thread but i will take part in this project!

Hmm. Well, if you post in this forum, I guess I could make a list.
I’m unsure if everyone is up to that (I’ll switch the poll).

The 2 options actually apply for me…but i just chose the second one…I’d be good to fit everyone’s skills into this song so that it represents Notessimo V2 as a whole…

The reason I picked the second one is two-fold.

One, I have no problems taking the role of editing when two people accidentally post two separate pieces, and using those parameters doesn’t make it too hard.

Two, I don’t like the idea of waiting for my “turn.” One, I may miss out on the part I’d like to edit, and when it is my turn I’d feel rushed to make sure no one gets mad at me for being lazy.

On another note, the second option would help make sure that no one person is taking too much responsibility on a certain part of the song. I.E. it gets to your turn and you have to write the chorus.

What I would suggest is combining them. Make a huge list and then have each user add a little bit each time (with the stated parameters).

Okay Star. However.

One, It doesn’t matter who takes the role, it’s only who does it right.

Two, the list isn’t exactly in “order.” We’ll still have parameters to go by.

Combining them would be very odd, mainly going back to your second point. However, as I have seen, I guess I will do so.

I’ll put up another poll later. By the way guys, when you vote in the poll, please comment or tell me you voted, as I have no way of knowing who voted for what for what reason.

If you are going to be a part in the song, please step forward now. Comment or send me a Personal Message.

Sorry about the double post, I just need to be sure people are looking.

If you are not in by a designated time, there is a possibility you may not be allowed to use the song.

Group Leaders: Active and willing to edit together parts and willing to edit songs and comment on the next part of the song.
Group Members: Active and willing to edit songs.

Important Note: Only group leaders will be allowed to post editings of songs on this forum. DO NOT POST YOUR OWN.

To be honest the reason I decided to post that intro was because I felt my original idea was counter-intuitive. If everyone thought we were doing a simple song and just added to the length, the song would turn out mediocre. So instead, let’s ramp up the difficulty and really use our ingenuity for this song, it needs to be amazing.

EDIT:I definitely think I need to be a group leader. I’d love to post huge paragraphs about what my group has done and what should be done. Also I love the idea of it and as I have already said, I have no problems of having two or three songs with different parts and editing them all together. Should be interesting to see this work out.

Beginning post has been updated.

All im going to say (im not in the mood to write out a paragraph) is that it is to restricted. Especially with the restrictions pertaining to adding only one layer, and one instrument for only a half phrase.

Should i be included in this?