things that you hate

hey guys what are the things you hate the most?
could be a pet peeve… or just something that annoys you.
some things that annoy me are

  1. people who only listen to music for the lyrics and nothing else.
  2. my younger sister.
  3. people who comment on video game music on youtube (like this and don’t even talk about any of the qualities of the song.
  4. people who know their going to be failures later in life but don’t care about it.
  5. my sister (seriously shes so annoying… shes singing right now behind me).
  6. people who ruin things that aren’t theirs like toys, games, t.v’s, and cars.
    thats all I can think of for now… ill add to my list when I can think of things… what do you guys hate?

Please avoid talking to me.

  1. ppl who twk lk diz.lololol!1!1!!!
  2. The stupidity on Youtube. also ties in with #7

I hate this more than anything in the universe. Especially my Facebook “friends”. They apparently think it’s cool to type like they’re four years old.

  1. My older brother(He can’t do anything right, except play video games.)
  2. Justin Bieber(Nobody thought of this?)
  3. Rap.
  4. Songs about drugs like “Lil Wayne’s” songs.
  5. Prostitutes
  6. Random videos people post on YouTube that are just dumb like my friend posted a video of her baby cousin just running around.

That’s it for now.

I don’t hate Justin Beiber. I just don’t like him.

I don’t ‘hate’ him either. I just ‘hate’ his singing. I get why girls like him, because of how he looks, but seriously? His singing? You LIKE it? It’s terrible.

Who listens to the music nowadays…? :frowning:

She’s your sibling, how could you hate her? I’m sure she has good intentions. Also, I’d like like to have a sister, I don’t know why…

Yeah. When there are video games involved, there are always idiots who keep insisting “Call of Duty has better x .” regardless of what the video’s about.

I know what you mean. My friend’s brother is a 31 year old guy who still lives with his parents because he can’t hold down a job. Also, his hygiene is horrible.


Solution: earplugs.

Don’t know what to say about this one. I guess you just have to live with them. :\

I’m sure you’ll excel at something and become rich and have tea parties with Bill Gates. :slight_smile:

Again, you just have to live with them until the internet decides to force spell-check.

You could always just watch the video and forget about the comments. And besides, it’s not as stupid as the stupidity on Facebook.

I like correcting people on Facebook. They always reply with a “don’t give a fuck”, or “My shift key is broken”.

Brothers are hard to deal with. Well, men in general are hard to deal with. >_>

I don’t hate him. I think his “fans” are annoying.

“Yeah look at me I took drugs and got high and now I’m rich because I can rap; hey everybody do what I’m doing cause I’m so awesome. 100% success rate.”

Well, everybody needs money.

Yeah, I guess it’s a waste of time.

As for me, I can’t really think of anything I really hate. I’m sure I’ll think of something later.


I’m assuming it’s his hair.

Weird, I do the same thing. I love when they respond with the shift key excuse, because I still can get them with the horrible grammar and spelling. x]

The reason I hate my brother is, he tries to act like an emo faggot, but his personality doesn’t fit it. He looks good in the skinny jeans and shit, but he damn personality is just too damn annoying for him to be emo. He also hooks up with the same girl that gets him in trouble and he’s failing school, because of her. Plus, his emo haircut makes him look like Justin Bieber. To tell you the truth… I’d rather be related to a Jonas Brother than him. I’d be rich too. XD

(Thank goodness I don’t have a brother! :D)
Maybe your brother’s like that because of his girlfriend. Or he’s having an emotional crisis or whatever. And therapy’s always a choice.

Hahaha. Therapy? He’s been there and back. NEVER works. Plus, he was emo before this ‘girl’. He thinks it gets the ladies, so he went more and MORE emo for her.

When he moves out, you won’t have to deal with him anymore. :slight_smile:

Hahaha. MOVE OUT? I’ll probably move out before him and he’s 17 now! XD

I got more for me list.

  1. People who don’t like Autistic kids.
  2. Noobs on online games.
  3. HAXORZ!
  4. People who think it’s cool to be a slut.
  5. People who think it’s cool to have underage sex.
  6. Animal abusers.
  7. Child abuse.
  8. Obama
  9. Child prostitutes.(I can see if you’re old and poor, but a child?!!?)
  10. America’s healthcare.
  11. Liars
  12. Drama queens
  13. Porta-potties.
  14. People who leave humungous shits in public bathrooms and don’t flush or wash their hands.
  15. Grade school crushes
  16. Racism
  17. Stereotypical people

Yeah, I don’t like it when people are made fun of because they have a mental disability.


It’s fun to hack single-player games when you’ve finished them. :slight_smile:

How is being a slut cool? Everybody’s gonna hate you.

They’re just trying to get on a certain show on MTV. Make baby at the age of 16, get rich.

Animals have feelings too! :frowning:

It’s sad how people force children to do things against their will.

Lol America

Maybe they enjoy it…?

Lol America

It’s hard to trust people nowadays.
Also, I’m a horrible liar. Stupid conscience.


I never use public washrooms. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the descriptive image.

We ALL have to go through puberty, right?

We’re all discriminative in some way.

Deal with it.

  1. My brother. He happens to be a a non-sympathetic sociopath who believes anyone who is remotely weird deserves the death penalty and all mental disorders can be beaten out of a person (he has pointed this out to me at least once a week for the past 2 years).
  2. My brother, still.
  3. The belief that you like music if you only like stuff that doesn’t even have a harmony or melody coughrapcough
  5. Trolls.
  6. make a guess.

…can’t think of anything good about that.

Isn’t that poetry?

We have to live with them. Without them, the internet wouldn’t exist. :stuck_out_tongue: jk

Rainbow Dash? We all hate her. jk

I sure wish I had a brother. /sarc

you don’t strike me as the guy who doesn’t show care or concern as to what may happen to them 5 years from now.
you also aren’t going to fail in life (unless something horrible happens).

Well the main reason I’ve started responding to my the question as “I’
m going to be a hobo” is thanks to my brother always yelling at me all the time about how I’m a retard and won’t be able to get a job.

In reality, I recently went on a tour at A&M and plan on getting a degree in software engineering. But again, my brother.