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Right clicking a note with touch tool erases instead of previewing note; you can already preview with left click. This will make it the true one and only tool.

Drag click with erase tool creates a selection box to delete multiple notes.

I’d prefer to keep the right mouse button for preview to be more consistent. It is true left click can already preview but it also selects the note which the right click does not.

Maybe the middle mouse button instead to delete?

Yes, drag click for erase tools! I’m going to do a pass on the tools to be more consistent with how they behave in V3.


Sure, middle mouse click can work. Since middle click isn’t used by anything, that means every tool should be able to erase with middle click, then erase tool can be used if you want selection erase. This would be a really nice quality of life change.

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Will there be a replace instrument tool added or is it already included?

Not yet, but it is planned

Slide notes are coming, correct?


There will be custom envelopes for pitch, panning, volume, and filtering.

Two things I really like so far about composing in the new version over the old one:

  1. Being able to seamlessly switch between the two play modes while the song continues playback is really awesome and helpful
  2. Using right click to pan around the staff is a lot more fluid than having to click on the scrollbar at the bottom of the v3 editor

One suggestion I have is:
Bring back left click + hold + drag to select, then press up/down left/right on the arrow keys to move notes. Really, having to switch between select and touch modes generally feels a bit clunky when V3 already had it correct. But definitely keep right click + hold + drag as the move control because that’s something V3 doesn’t have and its already muscle memory for me, that’s just how good it is.

Edit: I did review the shortcuts list and noticed that holding down left click without moving is the shortcut for selection. However, I feel it is a bit redundant to have both left + hold + drag and right + hold + drag both be for the same shortcut, moving around the staff.

Edit 2: Another thing I love about the new editor is how it automatically saves my work and loads the last song I was working on without me having to do anything so I can pick right up where I left off. Excellent work Starburst!


Thank you!! Yes, I am working on making the “tools” behave more similar to V3!

Alright so being able to upload soundfonts is fantastic. However, I have one folder of over 800 soundfonts (total size is only 100 MB) that I’d like to upload but having to upload them all individually would be a bit time consuming. Any way for us to upload multiple at once?

You might be able to compile them into one soundfont with Polyphone.

Eventually it is planned to accept ZIP folder of instruments, but until then as Dre suggested you could try combining them as one soundfont

Option to add/remove and rename layers would be nice. I know this was possible back in v3, but wasn’t as accessible because it was hidden away in the sheets sidebar; however, since v4 puts layers in the bottom left corner, it would be easier to access if it was implemented there.

Also maybe consider adjusting the default number of layers to increase user incentive to add/remove. Set a cap if necessary.

I am guessing this will come in the layer fx update and will be accessible from the pencil icon.

Also Starburst liked my idea of showing layers inside a list like the sheets, which would give you the control you’re looking for.

How’s this?
Better Layer UI - Features request - Community Notessimo

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